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I started running in January of 2004 to get in shape. I had gained too much weight and felt terrible. I was able to run my first 5K 3 months later. 2 years later and 50 lbs lighter, I have continued to push for greater goals and have run 5 marathons and I am training for an Iron distance triathlon now. Everyday I wake up with a positive attitude towards life, training and my future.
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Las Vegas Marathon 2005
Why do I Tri?
Should be why do I want to Tri? I want to see just how far I can push myself. With everyday I am in the best shape of my life. And I'm never going back!!!!
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Last Post - Before Marathon
May 31, 2006

This will be my last post before the Salt Lake City Marathon unless I can get a hold of a laptop to take with me.

This morning I ran a steady 3 mile run. I am still having some nagging pain in my R ankle but it seems to work it's way out with stretching and running. I have know idea where that came from. Otherwise my legs feel fresh and I am feeling good overall. I ran a little faster than scheduled this morning, about an 8:15 pace, but screw it. When you feel good it's hard to hold back.

I am going to concentrate on my diet today and tomorrow. Starting to Carb Load with rice and pasta but keeping the calories down. I will be trying to hydrate well in preparation for a warm run on Saturday. Everything needs to come together perfect to have a great race. One lapse in judgement could make for a lousy run. The weather is something that can't be controlled but everything that I do, eat, or feel is very important and can be modified. Here are my rules --

Rule#1 - Don't try anything new during race week.
Rule#2 - Get as much sleep prior to the night before, because you won't sleep on that night.
Rule#3 - Eat at least 300-400 calories 3 hours prior to the marathon.
Rule#4 - Be prepared for anything, go through the equipment list 2-3 times.
Rule#5 - Get to the start line early, avoid the crowds.
Rule#6 - Find a quiet spot and stretch, relax, calm down.
Rule#7 - When the gun goes off - pace,pace,pace. Don't go out faster than you trained for.
Rule#8 - Have fun, smile and thank all the volunteers.

If I get the chance to post after the marathon I will let you know how I did and how the marathon was. Remember - everyday you should do something, anything - to improve yourself physically and mentally. Yee Ha!
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Marathoner? Triathlete? Other?
May 30, 2006

So as time goes by in my mundane life I start to think about things that could have been, Things that have been but not lasted and things that I may one day take on.
Going back to my youthful days brings back memories of a kid that could not find his niche as a teenager. Oh I wanted to be everything! I tried football (too much pain), soccer (could get the hang of it), cross county skier (boring), alpine skier (more time on my back side). Then I tried cycling and that stuck for 3 years. I felt at home on the bike. I watched "Breaking Away" until I knew the script by heart. I was talking Italian to my friends. I was a team member with a small bike club that was sponsored Wurzburger Beer. Those were fun days.
After serving my country in the Army and returning to real life I found myself wanting to become all sorts of things. I tried being a cowboy, a fly fisherman, a bass fisherman, I tried rock climbing, river rafting, hiking, weightlifter and a boat load of other things I can't remember. I tried to stay in shape. Tried running again but that was short lived. Tried biking again but once again short lived. Then I just stopped trying - decided I would just live a mundane life and put on weight just like all my friends and neighbors. That was 4 years ago.
Why did I all of a sudden decide to change myself again - who knows. I could claim that I received a message from heaven in a bright light. Or that a loud booming voice told me I had to but I would be lying. Maybe it came in a dream that I cannot remember. Maybe the voices in my head told me it was time.
I think back to 2 1/2 years ago when I first stepped foot in the gym again. It was an odd feeling, like coming home after a long trip. Everything was familiar but foreign. As I took my first steps on the treadmill I would never have dreamed in a million years that I would be running marathons, triathlons and going on to something else. Who know what the future holds. But I do know one thing. I have learned how to make goals and achieve them. From simple goals to long term goals. I look forward to the future, I think about increasing my boundaries - of challenging myself more and more. I have started triathlons, now I am planning my future goals as a triathlete. Bring on the Olympic distance, bring on the half and the full Ironman. Bring it all on. I am ready for the challenge. I am ready to commit myself, heart and soul. To learn much more about who and what I really am. To learn how far I can push.
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6 Days Out
May 29, 2006
I took a look at the weather report for next weekend and it may get hot by the time the marathon is over. So today I decided to do an 8 mile run during the heat of midday. I started out pretty good and had a good pace going for the first 4 miles thenI got really hot. SLowed me down quite a bit more than I had expected. I weight myself after the run and I had lost about 5 pounds. I hope I can get hte marathon over before the heat really sets in next week.

Tomorrow I am going to take a rest day and try and stay off of my feet as much as possible. I have a little nagging R ankle discomfort after today's run. I think I stepped on a rock wrong. So I will rest it and ice it if necessary.
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May 26, 2006

It's rest day. Whew! not that I got alot done this week training wise but I need to rest up a little. I think I may go float around int he pool this afternoon and do some drills but nothing very strenuous.

8 days left till the marathon and I am really stoked. I just got the extended forcast for next Saturday and unfortunately at this point in time it looks to be a hot one. Thank God we are getting under way early in the morning. But the ending will still be around 80 degrees. Just will have to take in more hydration. I will have to hydrate well the days before the race and eat a little more salt to retain the fluids. Should be fine though.

It's amazing how much of our training is actually mental. And how much negative thoughts and situations affect us physically. With the last few days of mental stress I have had I feel as though I am not as strong as last week. I'm still stoked about the marathon, and about my finish last week at the triathlon, but deep down inside I am struggling. Hopefully this weekend I will be able to stoke the fire higher and forget about the bad days.

My next report will be probably on Tuesday. I love 3 day weekends. I hope everyone stays safe, has fun, and most of all ---- get in some training !!!!!!!!!!
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Wrong Side of Life
May 25, 2006
What can I say, I should not have woke up this morning. What started as a good day has steadily gone from good to bad to worse.

I needed to make a stand. That was how it started. And I knew it was going to cause problems but still I had to say something. I feel that the damage may be more severe than I initially thought it would. I was just trying to avoid a nasty situation. Sometimes telling someone that you are unwilling to tolerate a bad habit just sets them off. Such is my life today without going into details. I do feel that this will be held against me in some future argument, as these types of things always come up when ammunition is needed.

Did get in a positive 4 miles this morning on my running sticks. Felt pretty good physically and tried to keep the negativity at bay. Listening to Simply Stu interview Peter Reid was a motivating factor. Great Podcast. It really is great to have the technology that we have today that allows us to listen to positive triathletes talk about the sport they love so much. Think about how hard that would of been even 10 years ago, listening to a skipping CD while trying to run. I remember those "Walkmen Players" well. I have two words for the podcasters of Triathlons - " DON'T STOP "

The marathon is only 10 days away and I am starting to get really stoked. This will be my 4th one and this will be my fastest one. I feel that I have trained my mind and body well since January and that I will be as ready as possible for this race. I will give it my all and I will either achieve my goals or bonk, whichever comes first.


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Hump Day
May 24, 2006
Here I am, 10 days to go till Salt Lake. Getting excited. Starting to feel that little nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. Anxiety setting in? Nah ! Must be last nights dinner.

Got in a 90 minute bike this morning. Listening to the new podcast by Cara and Elizabeth. I thought they did a great job for the first few shows. It's nice to just here them stay stoked about the sport. And boy do they have energy or what!

The ride went well - I did not bring my Garmin so I have no idea how fast or long I went. I just needed to get my mind off of some personal stuff I have going on. I like to workout to calm my mind and help me think clearer. I guess it may be like an addiction but healthier. When angry, some people may throw things, or get into fights, or drink large amounts of alcohol, I just get out and push myself till the feeling goes away and then I can relax and think things through.

Today however, I was able to calm down but I'm still lost as to what to do. I keep being exposed to a very negative environment (relationship) that I continually try and change to a positive environment. But, nothing seems to be helping. The negativity just seems to come back no matter what I do. I am not one to give up easily (that's why I like Tri's)but I am not sure if I can continue in my current situation for much longer. I hate the fact that all this negative energy is taking away from the energy I need for this race season. Sometimes life does in fact suck.

Tomorrow I will get in a good tempo run and start getting my stuff together for Salt Lake. I am leaving ealy on June 1st so I can spend a day at the Expo and relax in Salt Lake. There is still no word who is playing the post race concert this year. I hope it is a good rock band - last year it was Third Eye Blind.

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2 Days Out
May 23, 2006

Last night I slept better than I have for the past 2 weeks. Now the adrenaline of the triathlon is gone. My muscles are tired. My mind is finally relaxed. This will not last long....with Salt Lake only 11 days away.
Today I woke up refreshed but a little more sore than yesterday. The hardest part of my plan for the next 2 weeks is trying to figure out what to do. I want to concentrate on my taper, but I would like to get in a few bike rides and swim a little too. The pool at my gym is too short for lap work so I am waiting for the Endless pool to be ready. They tell me it will be about 1 week. I am looking forward to starting my training in it. I will be able to have a coach work one on one with me in the water and give me immediate feedback without having to worry about flip turns and walls.
Tomorrow is an easy 4 miles to stretch, I may substitute an easy bike ride instead. Guess it depends on how I feel in the morning. I am still in shock that I have finished my first triathlon, and my mind has been wandering more lately. Trying to keep my mind on Salt Lake is my priority but I keep looking ahead to my next Triathlon. The next one is the Prosect Lake Sprint Triathon and it is an open water swim. I still have a mental problem with that. I guess I will just have to get used to it. Any suggestions would be helpful to stop the anxiety. Anybody?
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Post Race
May 22, 2006

It's Monday. The race results have been posted.

I did get in 11 miles running yesterday in preparation for Salt Lake City. I felt pretty good but it was really hot here in Colorado and I quickly melted. And slowed down. I felt good during the run, surprising myself after my first triathlon. This morning I went ahead and did a light workout with some spinning and a 2 mile run. Also a little upper body weight training for swimming. After looking at the results of the Triathlon, I really need to work on my swim.

Now the results: The 2006 Pueblo YMCA Triathlon for Ordinary Mortals was held on Saturday May 20th starting at 6:45am. This year was a new course with the swim being held at the Pueblo County High School. There were 167 finishers. The weather started out warm and sunny at about 75 degrees and quickly rose to above 85 degrees by the time the last heat was held.

Because of my estimated slow swim time I was placed in the first heat of the day. This also gave me an advantage of cooler ride and run weather.

My final numbers:
Swim - 12:41 10th in my age group
Bike - 34:41 2nd in my age group
Run - 24:31 5th in my age group

7th in my age group with a finish time of 1:16:12.5
Overall I placed 81st in a field of 167 finishers

I think with alot of work on my swim, and some coaching, I should be able to start placing in the top 5 of my age group.
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Triathlon for Ordinary Mortals
May 21, 2006

Now back to the race.

I woke up nervous, I drove to Pueblo nervous. But once I arrived at the race I became somewhat relaxed. It was really weird. After setting up my transition area and checking out my bike I went to race registrations and got my timing chip and body markings. Then I got to check out the pool. It was a lot bigger than any pool I had ever been to. But the water was calm, blue, and crystal clear. And I felt good.

The swim was started right on time. I was in the first heat, lane 3, 3rd in the water. Although a longer lane than I am used to, I swam a nice relaxed first lap. Surprisingly, I passed the first swimmer in the lane and kept up a great pace. Following the first swimmer in the lane we finished together and headed outside.

My T1 was quick and uneventful. I think I practiced it enough to know what I needed to do and I grabbed my bike and headed out. I mounted and started pushing the bike hard. Biking is one of my strong points and I quickly caught up to all but the 1st swimmer out of the pool. The route was straight and uphill for the first 5 miles. The 6th mile was downhill to the turnaround point. After the turnaround it was back to uphill but I climbed out of the saddle and stomped hard. I remember glancing at my Garmin and seeing my speed at 19 mph, after cresting the hill I kicked it up to the big gears and again stomped down hard reaching a speed of 36 mph on the downhill. I debated pacing myself but quickly threw that out. The last 300 yards of the bike course I sprinted into the dismount area.

T2 went about like T1 and off I went. I lost about 30 seconds on the run because the course was not marked correctly. Once on the right course my pace stayed around an 8:15 mile and I could see the lead runner ahead of me but I just could not catch up to him before the finish line. I opened up my stride for the last quarter mile and finished my first Triathlon.

And there I was, no longer a virgin. I am a Triathlete. And to all my friends and relatives that encouraged me (yet thought I was nuts) I thank you. And to the question of will I do any more of these races and go on to a possible Ironman competition? I can only say one thing.

THIS SPORT ROCKS.....Sign me up for the next one tomorrow. Bring it on.

I will have my actual times as soon as they are posted.
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Triathlon Eve
The race is over, how did it go you ask? Well let me start from the night before the race for my report. Let's go back in time ........

T'was the night before triathlon and all through the house, not a creature was stirring except for a nervous triathlete. I got to bed around 8:30 pm. I have been through my bags several times. I have checked and double checked my checklist. So off to bed I go to get a good nights rest. Yeah right!

Getting a good nights rest before a new race is not going to happen. I woke up every hour during the night, and when I did sleep it was not sound. Normal for the night before a race? Probably. But what about the dreams, you know the weird dreams that you have the night before a race.

My dreams were of the worse case scenarios that could go wrong. My first was of the ride out to the race. All of a sudden my car stalled and I was stuck on the side of the rode. Unable to get to the race and only had Speedos to wear. What a hell.

Dream #2 - During the swim, I got so tired and had to finish the swim doing the Dog Paddle with water wings. Not a pretty sight. Kinda funny looking though.

Throughout the night was the same thing, over and over. What a fun night.
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HOLY SHIT - It's Tomorrow
May 19, 2006
Yes, tomorrow is the day. The day I take the step into Triathlons. Will it be a starting point to future Triathlons or will it be the end. I wonder sometimes why I am wanting to do this thing called a triathlon. Why do people push themselves mentally and physically to the point where they could snap at any time.

I have never really been one to push myself prior to 2 years ago. I was living a pretty mundane lifestyle, just kinda making it day to day, week to week. The biggest challenge I had was getting up on Saturday to mow the lawn. Looking back I don't see nothing wrong with that kinda lifestyle, but it sure seems boring. Some people may find that living like that is all they ever want to do. That is fine and dandy. But, is that really what we have been placed on this earth for. Did God or whomever you believe in create you to just exist? Just to go through life without any real meaning. I think not. Since I started exercising and pushing myself 2 years ago, I have had a new enthusiasm for life. One that my wife cannot understand. (she just wants to exist) My enthusiasm spills into all aspects of my life - work, play, friends, relaxation. The most fabulous feeling I have every had in my entire life was the day I crossed the finish line of my first marathon. I admit that I cried for awhile, tears of joy. Not to mention tears from the severe cramping in my legs - ARRRHHH.
So, with that said - I look forward to the challenge of tomorrow and the future. Bring on the mighty Sprint and Olympic distance Triathlon. And look out 70.3 and full Ironman because I am not done yet. I am not done pushing myself to greater challenges and experiences. I may never be an elite athlete, or professional at that. But you know what? The nice thing is I don't have to be. I just need to be my own SUPER HERO.
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2 Days left
May 18, 2006

OK ........ First of all I want to thank everyone that has posted comments to help settle me down. It is nice to know that others have gone through these same feelings before me.
I am feeling a little better this morning. I was able to get pool time last eventing and again this morning. I felt a little more relaxed this morning. My form a little more deliberate and slow. My breathing a little slower. The pool at my gym finally opened and it is nice to swim without having to pay extra. it is a little small for laps but it is OK for practicing flip turns. They will be opening up the Endless Pool next week and then my training can take a big jolt.
Tonight I am going to start getting everything together and packed. Last night, in my usual Obsessive/Compulsive way, cleaned and tuned my bike for this weekend. Hey, if I don't do well at the Triathlo I will at least have the best looking bike, right. Enough for now, CIAO......
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3 Days Left
May 17, 2006

Can you say -

Yes I am still nervous about Saturday. Mostly about the swim since I have not been able to get in any pool time this week. Hopefully tomorrow morning I can get in some pool time to stretch and relax.

Anyway, today I got in 6 miles on foot at a decent pace. My legs are pretty heavy from yesterday's brick. But I am feeling a lot stronger going into the second half of the week. I have been mixing in some upper boday resistance training lately so my arms and shoulders are a little sore this morning. All in all, I am feeling pretty good today. I will try and get lot's of protein and fluids in today.

OK---- I just officially got my Heat and Lane Assignments for the Tri this weekend off the web site. Now I am really frickin nervous. Am I really going to do this thing called a Traithlon. What is wrong with me. I must be totally NUTS. What am I thinking. Here I am a 42 year old, middle of the pack runner, trying to push himself into something totally bizarre. I think about what I would be doing if I wasn't doing this stuff at this age. Hhmmmmmmm. I would probably be about 50 pounds heavier, short of breath with exertion, eating fast food most days of the week, drinking way too much alchohol, and thinking that my life was going well. But my cholesterol would be up, I would be at risk for a heart attack, and I would be wearing size 38 jeans. Jeez, I think I continue with what I'm trying to do. That flashback I could have done without.
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Getting Very Nervous
May 16, 2006

What a gorgious day today. The weather is suppose to be pretty warm by this afternoon. And unfortunately the forcast for this weekend - my first Tri - is suppose to be in the 90's by mid day.
Today I got in a great brick workout. I biked for 14 miles at an average of 18mph and then transitioned to a 5K run. My legs are feeling real fresh. After adjusting my cleats I no longer have that L IT band hurting. Actually I had no strange pains in my legs this morning at all. I felt great during the run, although starting off I had rubber legs for the first 100 yards. But after that I was cruising pretty well.
I also have the map of the bike and run course for the Triathlon this weekend so in my typical Obsessive Compulsive fashion I have downloaded every map and topographic layout I could find on the area. Tonight I'll input all the info into my mapping program and print out an elevation map and plan my ride and run. Yeah, I know I'm a little weird, OK more than a little. Whatever----
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Taper Time
May 15, 2006

Well yesterday went great - my last long run of 16 miles before tapering. I actually felt great during and after the run. My pace was a little on the slow side but the three of us took turns pace setting and that means sloing down every 3rd mile. I think all of us had a lot of fun yesterday and kept the day light. I myself am looking forward to Salt Lake.
Also yesterday was great in other ways. I went shopping in Colorado Springs. I planned on trying on some wetsuits to see what size would fit me best. I ended up with an awsome deal on a Body Glove full wetsuit. God i love the feel of neoprene..... Weird Huh. I have less than a week left before my first Tri and I am nervous as hell. I am trying to stay focused but I am having alot of distractions with home life. I try explaining to my wife what is going on but she isn't understanding anything. I don't think she ever will. Although I don't want to be the cause of her depression, I certainly will not reject my goals and aspirations. It's sort of like - I'm always looking up, she's always looking down. I just need to keep a positive mental focus and hope she comes around at some point in time.
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Crosstrain Friday
May 12, 2006

I love Fridays ---- yeah, so does everyone else, right. But I really Love Fridays. Today is my multisport day. My fun day. It does help that I only work 1/2 days on Friday. I wake up with a new sense of excitement on Fridays.

Since I am working tomorrow I decided to throw in a good run this morning. I ran 9 miles at a comfortable pace. I averaged about a 9:15 min/mile. However during the run I threw in some gentle pickups and mid run speed work. I wasn't sure how I would feel because I woke up with some stiffness in my R hip. Must not have been anything because I did not feel it during the run. The weather this morning was perfect for running, the temps were cool with a light breeze. I listened to Simplystu's podcast during the run and got stoked by his interview with Dave Scott and Joanna Zeiger.

This afternoon I will be heading to the pool again. I really feel that my for is coming around. I am going to push for around 1400 yards today. If I can learn to relax and work on form I will do fine. I sometimes find myself trying to increase my speed and that's when I get sloppy. I need to work on my focus more. I only have 1 week left till my Sprint Tri and getting it right today is going to be really important.
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Holy Cow!
May 11, 2006
Back at it this morning. My rest day felt great. And I was able to get a good nights sleep. I woke up refreshed this morning and ready to go. The weather is a little cool this morning but great for training. Last night I got a chance to adjust my cycling shoe a bit. Lately on rides I have been getting a pain in the region of the left IT band. I found that my left shoe was adjusted farther back than the right shoe. So I adjusted it to about the same place as the right and rode the trainer for awhile. I think it will help.

This morning I got in 8 x 800 meter intervals with a mile warm up and a cool down. I can't believe how much fast I am getting. Without really trying hard I was hitting a 3:35 for 800 meters. For me that is fast. Then 3 intervals later I ran a 3:20. I feel that I am able to stretch out my stride alot more and push harder. I always knew that the only way to get faster was intervals but I never placed much emphasis on them in the past. I am finding out that I really should be putting intervals in all of my training plans. Especially if I want to qualify for Boston.

Tomorrow I will probably do 9 miles because I am working on SAturday and will be unable to run. I will also try and get in 1200 - 1400 meters at the pool. I hope my form starts getting smoother. I only have 1 week left till the Pueblo Triathlon. I'm getting nervous---------
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Rest Day - Whew!
May 10, 2006
I picked a good day for a rest. The weather this morning is overcast and cold. A slight drizzle comes down occasionally. I am feeling pretty good and confident this morning. I did notice a little bit of R knee discomfort this morning so a rest day is needed. I think I need to adjust my cycling shoes again. Someday I would like to have a professional fitting, but my funds are dwindling.

Lately when I have been riding my bike I have noticed some discomfort in my right knee and left IT band. I think it is do to a bad alignment when I am clipped in. So tonight I am going to get on my trainer and see what adjustments I can make. Tomorrow is a day of speed work again, I am looking forward to it. Till then - CIAO!
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Terrible Tuesday
May 09, 2006

Well, I did not know how bad I was going to feel after the bike ride yesterday but suprisingly I felt pretty good this morning. I was very tight starting out and that really never got much better. However I did push as hard as my little running sticks would go.

This morning was a 10 mile at marathon pace. Well at least I got in 1 of 2. I did finish 10 miles but because of yesterdays ride I wasn't even close to marathon race pace. But - I did feel good during the run with no pain in my legs. Just a little ache in the left knee, but that went away after warming up.

I am hoping to get in 1100 yards in the pool at lunch today. With any luck my form is better after reading more of the Total Immersion book last night. I think I will buy the DVD when I can afford it.

Tomorrow I will take a rest day. I think I will need it both mentally and physically. I am getting a bit nervous about the sprint tri coming up - my FIRST one. WOW. I hope to look back on these nervous days in the future and remember how I felt now ---- just before I start my first Ironman. Ciao!
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Monday Again
May 08, 2006

Well it is another beautiful Monday morning in Colorado. The weather is perfect. It should even get a little cooler later this week, good for training.

Yesterday was a step back week in my training for Salt Lake. I have only one more long run to go before I start the taper. I actually felt really good yesterday and pushed the pace quite a bit. Along with my Daughter and Step Son we set out on a 12 mile run. By mile 3 I was pushing a 9:00min/mi and just started pulling away. I felt good so I kept up the pace even though it was suppose to be an easy run. Hey, when your feeling good - go for it. Those days don't come easy for me.

This morning I got brave and decided to tackle a huge obstacle. Here in the Canon City Area of Colorado we have a section of highway known as 8-mile hill. This is a long steep section of highway that climbs 1200 Ft in 6 miles. So with that in mind I headed up the mountain. I pushed the pace in the middle chainring and got out of the saddle a lot of the time. I was about halfway up and really feeling the pain in my quads and though of turning around when I got inspired. By what you ask. I was listening to the Tri Geek Dreams podcast on my I-pod and when I was about to give up, IronWil read my e-mail on the Podcast. That Rocks! From there on out there was no way I was stopping. I made it to the top and felt great. Thanks IronWil and Kahuna. It goes to show you just how inspirational you guys are. Keep up the great work.
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May 4th
May 04, 2006

It's a little cloudy and cooler today. Great for a run. Had 6 miles on the schedule today - I did not push too hard but still finished about 8:40 min/mi. My legs felt pretty good today considering how I felt overall yesterday.
Yesterday started out like a great day and quickly deteriorated. I woke up feeling great. Got in 20 minutes of Ab work, played with the dog then headed on down for a run. During my ride down I suddenly broke out in a sweat, got dizzy and nauseated as well. by the time I made it to the trail I felt like Sh**. I went for a slow 3 mile run anyway and actually felt better while running. The rest of the day is a blur. I was nauseated and dizzy all day long. Never got to hurling but as close as you can get without it. Last night I felt better and got some food down.

Last night I slept great again. Today I am feeling 110% better than yesterday. At least I can keep food down, and the room is not spinning. Yesterday was just really weird. Tomorrow is swim day again. I am going to try and get a swim-bike brick in.
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Awesome Workout
May 02, 2006

During any training schedule, certain days just seem like a breakout day. A day where you feel great and everything clicks. A day where your muscles, joints, mind and body all seem to act as one. When the temps, wind, humidity, roads and trails are all working in your favor.
OK, so that's a little over the top. However, this morning was one of those stand out days. I wanted to push a larger brick today. So, up early and away I went. I completed 16.50 miles on the bike with an average of 17mph and then transitioned to the run. I ran a 4 mile run and averaged about an 8:50 mile.
I felt that I was pushing pretty hard and I was unsure how the run would go with the longer bike ride added in. I was surprised to find that my running legs were pretty fresh after the bike ride. It was nice to get back on the bike - the weather has not been cooperating lately. I also got to try out my tri-suit for comfort. And it actually felt great - no hot spots or chafing.
Last night I practiced setting up my transition area. Since I have no idea what I am doing, my transition area will probably change after I get to see how other athletes set up thier areas. I think I have the hang of it for my first tri, at long as I can find my shoes, helmet and bike I think I'll be OK.
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Survivor "Long Run"
May 01, 2006
Well this weekend was the dreaded long run of the training plan. 20 miles. The weather was perfect for a change - cloudy and cool, with periods of sun. We set up our water stations about every 4 miles before the run and then got right to it. I pushed the pace for the first 10 miles and felt pretty good. I did end up slowing down the last 4 miles. Legs felt tired but the new shoes paid off. No serious cramping or pain.
This morning I found out it will be another 2 weeks for the pool to be ready at my gym. I am bummed about that. But I guess I can still go to the other pool as much as possible over the next 3 weeks to prepare. I also need to work on my transition set up and practice my transitions before race day. I am starting to get that little touch of nervousness in the pit of my stomach. I like the feeling, it helps me keep focused on what I need to do.
This morning I did 4 miles on the treadmill and I was actually surprised as to how well my legs felt. I was able to push a 8:50 mile for the last mile and hold it for awhile. I feel that my legs are much stronger than they were before the last marathon, but they are in mucho need of a good taper prior to the marathon. With race season kicking into high gear this month the excitement is building.
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