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I started running in January of 2004 to get in shape. I had gained too much weight and felt terrible. I was able to run my first 5K 3 months later. 2 years later and 50 lbs lighter, I have continued to push for greater goals and have run 5 marathons and I am training for an Iron distance triathlon now. Everyday I wake up with a positive attitude towards life, training and my future.
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Should be why do I want to Tri? I want to see just how far I can push myself. With everyday I am in the best shape of my life. And I'm never going back!!!!
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August 31, 2006
Well back at it again. Time to train for the next race. I signed up for the Rim Rock Run in Grand Junction, CO. This race is being held the second Saturday of November and the course take the racers from gate to gate over the Colorado Monument. Awesome sights to see from on top. The race is about 22.5 miles long, however the real challenge is in elevation. The first 8 miles are all uphill, the first 4 steeper than the next 4 miles. Sound fun eh!

Yesterday I stayed int he gym and did 30 minutes easy on the stationary bike then I went to the treadmill and did 3 miles at about a 8:55 pace. I felt real good and loosened up. No pains from the weekend triathlon that I could tell.

This morning I got back into the pool and swam about 1200 meters. I did mostly slow swims with a few fast intervals mixed in. Again I felt great and had a good session. I still have no idea what happened to me on the lake Sunday. I can only describe it as a poss anxiety attack. Wierd.

Tomorrow I am planning a 6 miles run on the river trail and Monday I am going on a 50 mile bike ride with a friend. He is totally psyched about it since he just picked up a new all carbon road bike. So I probably will have to hear about how good his bike handles for the full 50 miles.

For now - CIAO
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Race Report
August 28, 2006
The 2nd Annual Steamboat Springs Triathlon was held on Saturday August 27th. There were 604 registered participants this year.

The weekend started on Saturday with packet pickup and a race meeting. USAT rules were explained and would be enforced. No drafting or blocking would be tolerated. The weather on Saturday was cold and rainy with wind gusts. The good news was that the wind pushed a lot of the algae across the lake. The report was that the lake had a heavy growth of weeds out to about 100 yards from shore. The race committee had tried to "mow" them down before the race but there was still a lot out there.

Race morning was very cold with a start temperature of around 38 degrees. The water was warmer than the air. Wetsuits were needed and used by most. The first wave started on time at 8:00am. By that time it looked like the sun would finally come out. But it continued to be mostly cloudy throughout the race. My wave started at 8:18. Although I did feel good while waiting for the start in the water, as soon asn the gun went off I took off and tried to get into a rhythm but couldn't. I felt trapped - my chest was tight and I could not breath right. I had to roll over on my back several times. I don't know what happened. I think I might have had an anxiety attack but I can't say for sure. After about 200 meters I finally got over it and started swimming with a purpose. By the time I reached the far bouy I was doing well. I know my swim was slow but hey, I finished.

The bike course was awesome. We headed out of transition and the course headed back to Steamboat Springs. the view totally awesome. I got into my rhythm right away and sprinted out of transition onto the course and proceeded to pick off riders left and right. I was only passed by 4 riders for the entire 20 miles yet I passed multiple riders. My ride felt very strong even on the hills. My bike computer gave my an average of 20.5mph for the ride. I heard that the first wave got stuck waiting on a train and from what I heard they were pretty pissed off about it.

The run was also good. I got out of transition without any problems but did get a cramp in my L shin immediately. I continued to run on it anyway and it slowed my stride a little. I finally got rid of it at mile 2 and was able to lengthen my stride for the rest of the run. I was able to keep up a decent 9 min mile for the the whole run. I felt real good at the end and kicked out the last 1/4 mile.

Overall this was a wickedly cool ( SimplyStu talk ) triathlon. With time this race should grow in popularity. The race could use a larger Expo on Saturday for the athletes, but as the popularity grows so will the Expo. The race itself was well coordinated and well run. I will be back to race this one. Probably not next year because of Timberman but certainly the year after.

Official Race Results will be posted on my blog as soon as they are available.
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3 To Go
August 24, 2006
Well time is going slowly. I am still looking forward to this weekend's race. I don't think I can find the proper words to express my emotions going into this race - well maybe I can find a few:

Eager, Thrilled, Energized, Wound up, Exhilaration, Anticipation, Stilmulated, cheerful, Ecstatic, Exultant and on and on and on. Need I go on.

No training today - rest is much needed. I am feeling pretty good and rested. I am getting down to my race weight again and should be there by Sunday. I am leaving tomorrow and heading up there - it's about 5 hours to get there. Anyway for now - CIAO
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August 23, 2006

The final countdown has begun. 4 days after today and I'm back into the race scene. I cannot wait, I am silently jumping up and down like a kid in line for the roller coaster. Last night I spent about an hour going through my stuff, making a list of things I need to get as well as my packing list for the trip. I will be going over my list and stuff probably 4-5 more times before leaving on Friday. My OCD is showing isn't it.

The Steamboat Springs triathlon is sold out for the year. With 601 participants it is sure to be a great event. The 3/4 mile swim in Lake Catamount will be cool and crisp. The weather is suppose to be perfect. I will be wearing my wetsuit for this one - temps are expected to be in the low 60's. The elevation is higher than I am use to - my race plan for the swim is simple - "survive". I am going to try and pace myself for most of the swim. Concentrating on my form and bilateral breathing. I'll probably go out faster for the first 100 meters and then settle into a pace after the crowd clears a little.

The 20 mile bike ride should be the highlight of the race. The scenery is awesome in Steamboat Springs. The is a no-drafting rule and it will be monitored closely - which is alright with me. I don't like drafting anyway. I like to race my own race against myself. Not against everyone else.

The 4-mile run will be a great ending to a great weekend in Steamboat. After I finish and get a drink I plan on giving Simply Stu a shout out from the finish line for his podcast. Totally awesome.

This morning I got in the last run before the race. 6-miles at a comfortable pace. I felt really good on the run this morning. My legs felt fresh and light. No pain in my back - no pain in my legs. I have not been putting any emphasis on running lately so I wasn't sure how I would feel on the run today - but muscle memory is great isn't it. Well where has the time gone - Ciao.
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Miles to Go
August 22, 2006
Up and out the door before the sun this morning. Trying to get every mile out of my training time available this week.

Back up on the bike this morning and I felt great. No pain in my back and pushing hard. Stayed low in my aero-bars and tried to push up the hills in a low position. Feeling real strong on the bike now. The weather was great ont he ride out and then I got slapped with a headwind on the way back - it did slow me down a little but not that much. I averaged 18 MPH for the ride.

Last night I made a point of stretching well. I need to be doing that every night but I don't usually get it done. I have alot of packing to do for this weekend as well, so tonight is going to be busy. CIAO
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August 21, 2006
Nah!, Well maybe just a little.

The rain kept me from a long ride yesterday on my bike. Not just a drizzle but a fire and brimstone kind of rain. I didn't want to get struck down, so to speak. So I stayed inside and used my trainer, while watching Tiger Woods kick some major ass.

This morning I got in about 15oo meters. I feel a little sluggish this morning. I am not sure if it is leftover from sleeping last night or a tad bit of overtraining. I will probably go for a short run tomorrow and see how I feel. The rest of today I am going to rest and take in fluids for this weekend. I am feeling fitter overall and althought I am not back at my race weight I should be there by the end of the week. I have been a little heavier but I am swimming more and I think I'm putting on some upper body weight with the added muscle. My back is feeling much better this morning than it has in some time.

I got Obsessive of over the weekend and wash "Athena" down. I think she really liked it and hopefully she will perform beautifully on Sunday. I need to start planning and packing up my equipment for this weekend. I'm so gosh darn obsessive that I end up going over everything about 10 times before I leave. Just in case anything tries to jump out of my transition bag while it sits there waiting. Never know!!!!
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August 18, 2006

Not the it really matters that it is Friday today - I have to work the weekend. Yuck. Anyway - to everyone else have a great weekend.

I got in a nice slow 4 miles this morning, running that is. I have not been putting as much emphasis on running lately and I really need to start doing that more. I am feeling a little slow. Yesterday at lunch I got in 4 miles as well. But that run was very slow because it was 92 degrees out. Wow, I didn't know I could sweat that much. I had a headache by the time I finished. I weighed myself before and after the run and found that I had lost just over 4 lbs during the run. Not good.

This morning I took it easy on the run with some fartleks mixed in. I felt better this morning than I did yesterday. Even though it was cooler, the humidity is still hovering around 66%. So I got in a great sweat this morning as well. I am starting to get nervous about next weekend, but also very excited. I can't wait to get back into racing again.

I am planning on taking tomorrow off from training and getting some much needed rest time this week. Sunday I would like to get in a long bike ride. At least 40 - 50 miles with a 30 minute run-off. At least that is what I have planned. Who knows. Ciao for now.
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Busy, Busy, Busy, Pooped!
August 17, 2006

Well the last 2 days have been really busy - trying to catch up at work from the last month of traveling. Wow, work sure does pile up quickly. But I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel. But, new work is appearing almost as quickly as I am getting rid of the old stuff.


yesterday I got to finally get back on the bike. Athena was at her best again. We covered about 26 miles yesterday and kept the average speed around 18 MPH. I stayed in my aerobars more than any other ride since starting. I felt more powerful on the hills and only got out of the saddle a few times. I noticed my hip flexor/low back strain was much better. I did hit a train track really hard and thought for a second or two that my tire was going to go again, but Athena held it together. I just love pushing hard and sprinting out of the saddle. Trying to stay up with traffic is wickedly cool.

This morning was also great. I got up early but really initially I was tired as hell when I got up. I got out of the house by 6 am and in the pool by 6:50am. The water was a little warm this morning. They don't keep in cool for lap swimmers, rather they keep it warm for elderly bobbers. (Buoys) I did about 100 meters of swim drills then started doing intervals. I started with 3x300 alternating fast and slow. I took a little rest and did about drills again for about 100 meters then I went back to intervals, 6x100. I don't think I am getting much faster yet but I don't feel as wasted anymore. As a matter of fact, I feel really good after doing the 1st set of 300s. That would have almost killed me 2 months ago. So I guess I am improving slowly.
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I'm Back
August 15, 2006

Well I'm back in Colorado again. I came back on Sunday from New Hampshire. The journey was long, and emotional. Having to say goodbye to a loved one is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I could not have done this without the awesome support of my Sister and Brother. The memorial service was so beautiful and loving. My Mother was one of the most important influences in my life. She will always be close to my heart and my mind. I will devote all my future endeavors to her spirit. She was always so positive throughout her life, through the hard times and the bad.

Theresa Maynard "Mom" - You will never be forgotten!!!!

I got back into my training today. I only have 12 days to prepare for Steamboat Springs Triathlon. This morning I got back on my diet to start with - I ate much too well while back East. Is the food better or do you just eat better when visiting relatives?

I got in the pool this morning and worked on drills alot. I needed to work on my skating position as well as switchdrills. I got in several 3x100 intervals for a total of around 1500 meters. I lose count sometimes. My form is getting better and I am lasting longer and longer in the pool between breaks. Time is getting short and I need to work myself like crazy this week.

Tomorrow I will try and get on the road early with Athena. We need to pile on some miles in the coming week and make sure that everything is working well. I plan on doing 15-30 minute run offs after my bike rides as well. I am starting to get nervous about the race already. This is probably due to the fact that I have not had alot of training time since last month. We'll see how things go. CIAO, Ci Vidiamo
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Pool Time
August 09, 2006

I am sure loving swimming now. It has been really nice now that I can go swimming any day of the week for as long as I want. I have been trying to go for 3 times per week for at least an hour at a time.

The pool has been cool and clear. Usually there has only been a few people in the pool. Mostly elderly waderss and they have been nice enough to give me a lane to swim on one side. I have been getting to the water around 6:30am.

I feel that I am progressing slowly, it seems that the progression is getting faster with the increased time I am spending in the pool. I can feel a rhythm, some effort free swimming and more natural feeling to the whole thing. It is realy weird to feel that. This usually occurs early in the session, later when I get tired I really have to think about what I am doing because otherwise I feel like I am struggling and just playing propeller with my arms. But that is happening less and less.

Otherwise, my hip flexor is still hurting this afternoon. It hurts into my lower back more than it was this morning. I am going back to New Hampshire for the next 4 days for my Mother's Memorial Service, that will give me a 4 day rest and hopefully it will be better by next week. It doesn't really bother me to swim but biking and running is a problem.

So with that, there will be no blog for the next 4 days. I will start up again on Monday. Remember to download and listen to the GYGO Podcast. Awesome. Ci Vediamo, !

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Red Canyon Ride
August 08, 2006

I got into town pretty early this morning for my ride. My hip flexor/low back strain is already hurting. I thought maybe I should just get some rest today --- Nah.

Off on the bike. Riding low and fast in my aerobars. The hip did hurt a little but only on the up-side of pedaling. Got going pretty good real early in the ride. Pushing a larger ring but stayed in the 80-90's for cadence.

Once I got to the hills and tried to push the hills hard, my injury really kicked my ass. Standing out of the saddle hurt worse. But I still pushed as hard as I could to get up the hills and relaxed on the downhills. Got out to the turnaround and decided I would try and push harder getting back - mostly on the downhill sides. Got my speed up to around 45 MPH at times. I am feeling much more comfortable in my aerobars than I have in the past.

Got back into town and took a look at my numbers. Not quite as fast as my last trip out there but considering my injury I think I did well. Total miles: 24.3 Average speed: 17.1 That's slower than I like to go but considering the pain - I think that it is just right.

My boss talked to me this morning about a book her is reading - I think it is called the Millionaires Mind. Anyway, the quote that we talked about was " to keep your life positive, do not hang out with people who are "Shit-Magnets" these are negative people who seem to attract - SHIT. You know them, everything is always wrong, depressing, and nothing ever goes right for them. So the words of wisdom for today area to " Stay Away From Shit Magnets"
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Just a Swimming
Yeah we'll be swimming, swimming. ( Corny take on a country song)

Back in the water and loving it. However I am dealing with a low back/hip flexor injury from Saturday, and it is really hurting when I try to lift my R leg off the ground. It was caused by my abdominal workout on Saturday night. I was doing great until I did reverse crunches with an 8# ball between my legs. I guess I just overdid.

The injury did not seem to hinder my swimming. Kicking motions and hip movements in the water did not aggrevate it any. Actually I felt better after getting out of the pool. However right now it is hurting pretty good. I will try a bike ride tomorrow and see how my back and hip flexor feels. Tonight I'll put a heating pad on it. I won't be able to train from Thursday to Sunday so I should be able to get let it rest.

Otherwise, I'm feeling good. I'm real confident about the Steamboat Triathlon and looking forward to it. I'm sleeping good at night. Also my weight is coming back down to race numbers again. It's good to be back on my regular diet again. I need to cut about another 5 pounds before Steamboat, but I should have no problems getting that done. Well got to go. CIAO !
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Here Fishy Fishy
August 03, 2006
Good Morning World. I hope the East Coast folks are starting to cool down a little. Not to gloat but this morning in Colorado it was a cool 60 degrees and overcast. Slept great. Nice thing about living against the Rockies is that if you don't like the weather - wait about 10 minutes and it will change.

Back in the pool this morning. I felt good about getting back in the water. I wanted to get in some good form practice this morning and increase my total yardage. I got in the water right at 7 am and started up right away with 100 meter warm up. I then worked on 300 yard repeats x 2 with about 1 minute rest in-between. The next 300 I concentrated on drills with my fins and swim paddles. I am trying to work more on my breathing form and turning onto my side instead of turning my head. Along with trying to stay long in the water. These went really well and I feel alot better with bilateral breathing. I still get a little sloppy when I get tired.

Then I continued with freestyle 100's until I got to a total of 18oo yards. I took a 2 minute break in between each 100. These were done in a slow, easy pace, concentrating on my form and on breathing bilaterally.

This was probably my best swim session since starting. I think my speed is getting faster and I am gasping for air less. I just wish my flip turns get better. Well time will only improve it. Tomorrow is a rest day, much needed. CIAO !
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Brick Building
August 02, 2006

It is a glorious day here in Colorado. The weather is perfect for a change. I hope everyone on the East Coast is tolerating the heat OK, remember to hydrate well. Dehydration can set in at any time even if you are not doing anything. Stay safe.

I got in my first brick since getting back from New Hamshire last week. I felt pretty good this morning and pushed my pace quite a bit on the bike and on the run. And guess what - no flat tires. funny thing is after I told a friend of mine about my flat tire episode - he went on a ride that weekend and ended up with a flat tire himself. He however did not have an air cartridge and ended up hitchhiking home and going back to pick up his bike later. What a bummer.

This morning my ride was only - 10 miles but I did maintain an 18.5 average pace. My run was 4 miles and I averaged an 8:55 min/mile but did stop at the halfway point for a drink. The lap miles looked better at 8:32, 8:40, and 8:24. Tomorrow I am back in the water to work on my swim technique again. CIAO
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Treading Water
August 01, 2006

Well the deal went through and I am back to swimming in a bigger pool. This mornings swim was great. I almost had the whole pool to myself and it was pretty quiet. It felt good not to have to do a turn every 40 ft. ( nowit's every 50 ft )

I started out with 2x100 slow warm up. I have been trying to work on my form and getting long in the water. Amazing but I feel that I am going so much fast when I stretch out. I have also been working on bilateral breathing as well. I followed with several 100's and 300's. I still don't flip turn worth a shit but I have not been able to flip turn in a lake anyway. I will work on the flip turns after my form gets better.

I added in some sculling, back stroke, breast stroke and drills with my fins. I still need to get a kickboard to use. Otherwise I felt pretty good in the water. Now I need volume. Lot's of swimming and repetition to get my form perfected. I am planning on 3-4 days a week of swimming until the Steamboat Triathlon. CIAO!
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Back on the Road

Today was a great day on the bike. I set a goal of 40 miles before work and hoped that I would have better luck than I did last week.

Leaving Canon City, I opted to head straight East towards Pueblo. Hyw 50 is a pretty good route with rolling hills and a few long steep hills to make it harder. I checked and rechecked my tires before heading out, and everything seemed to be in order.

My time out to the turnaround point was pretty good. My legs felt great and "Athena" had no problems on the hills or the fast downhills. I made sure I had my frame pump for this ride, just in case. I stopped for a few minutes at the turnaround and took in a gel and some water before heading back.

The way back seemed to be harder, there was a flight headwind and the hills are a little longer uphill. However I was able to keep up a good cadence and pushed myself when I though I was slowing down too much. I did get out of my seat a little more on the way back to make it up the uphills. By mile 35 I started feeling some cramping in my thighs, so i slowed a bit to allow them to recover.

By the end of the ride I had finished my goal of 40 miles. my average speed was 18.5 mph and my Max was 43 nph. I tried to keep my heartrate down but it averaged 152 by the end.

Later today I am going to have a discussion with the owner of another gym in town to get a deal on swim time. I hope I can get it. The pool is longer and would work better for me.
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