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I started running in January of 2004 to get in shape. I had gained too much weight and felt terrible. I was able to run my first 5K 3 months later. 2 years later and 50 lbs lighter, I have continued to push for greater goals and have run 5 marathons and I am training for an Iron distance triathlon now. Everyday I wake up with a positive attitude towards life, training and my future.
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Should be why do I want to Tri? I want to see just how far I can push myself. With everyday I am in the best shape of my life. And I'm never going back!!!!
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Going Great
July 19, 2008

This week has produced some great training for me.

On Wednesday I got my longest swim ever. Feeling great with that and the start of my vacation I pushed on Thursday - doing my brick workout. It was a good feeling to get off the bike and go for a run. I was pretty sore and my legs felt very heavy. Nothing like I was expecting. I thought my legs would be a little fresher. But I pushed a slow pace and and pushed past the pain in my legs and hips.

On Friday - yesterday. I got called off of my part time job, so like any good athlete I substituted a run. I found that I am going no need to have some new shoes soon. Anyway, I got in one of my long runs. I complete 12.5 miles. Not a fast one thought. My R hip and R knee hurt most of the way. That is usually how I know it is time for new shoes. So I slogged my way for 12 miles. I ran all over the city - doing almost a complete loop to get the mileage in. Afterward, I felt great, my legs did not cramp like I was expecting. I got in plenty of fluids afterwards and during the run as well. Stopping at the store and picking up a refill of gatoraid. The weather has been very hot here in Southern Colorado. Yesterday was above 94 degrees.

So I got called off again this morning. Geez I bet you can't guess what I did to past the time. I left early this morning to take advantage of the cooler weather. I got in a 50 mile bike ride this morning. The ride out was great, I felt great and pushed the hills as much as possible. I knew there was a tailwind too so I took advantage of the help. Turning around I was prepared for a long struggle to get home. And it was. I checked the weather when I got back and the average wind speed was 10 mph from the west. Yup, I was heading straight into it. So I kept the gear low and tried to keep my cadence above 80. It was a great training ride. The hills hurt more on the way back and I did cramp up about 5 miles out of town. I stopped, stretched, then pushed the last 5 miles into town.

This week will be slow for training since I am working some long hours. But I will get in what I can, whenever I have some time off. Work at my part time job is needed if I am going to be able to afford new running shoes and new cycling shoes for the big day. Plus I need the money to get out there as well. So work is needed. And so work I will.
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Long Swim
July 16, 2008

Well I am starting to finally see the fruits of my labor.

This morning I had a great swim workout.

Let's begin with yesterday first though - I did get in a good long hill workout on my bike. 6 x 5minute hills with 3 minutes of active rest. I felt very tired after finishing up that workout. Then last night I had a good interval run workout with 12 x 1 minute VO2 max sprints and 1 minute rest periods. I was pretty tired last night and after eating dinner I passed out on the bed.

This morning was any other Wednesday swim day. I planned on doing my long swim this morning and that was scheduled as:

200 - warm up

2600 - aerobic long swim

200 - cool down

I finished my warm up and set my stopwatch. Off I went on my long swim. I think the hardest part about a long swim in a pool is keeping track of my laps. Occasionally I would forget where I was and have to start with my last know lap. That did not happen very often. About half way I had to catch myself - I was falling into that sloppy form style. I got to 3/4 of the distance and started to pick up the pace. I added another 10 lengths in the pool since I felt pretty good overall. My total for the intervals came out to about 2800 yards. and I could have gone farther. I wasn't completely used up yet.

Tomorrow I will be doing a Brick Workout in the morning and possibly doing a long run tomorrow night. I am still struggling with the long runs but I am being persistent about getting the runs in.

I will be working a lot more in the next month to be able to afford the trip out to OKC. So I will have to be training either late at night or very early in the morning. Should be interesting. I did find a 100 mile route for my bike that will work into my schedule. I will be doing that in 3 weeks. This weekend will be 80 miles on Sunday - OOOO now that sounds like fun..... for now - hey! Keep up the good work.
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Buffalo Creek Xterra Race Report
June 22, 2008

The 2008 Buffalo Creek Xterra was held on Saturday June 21st. The race was everything I expected and more. Let me elaborate ---->

We (my girlfriend and kids and I) left on Thursday evening for the campground around Lake Wellington. We got there just before dark and were happy to find out the we would be able to camp with the volunteers setting up the race on Friday. I had e-mailed the Race Director and found out the we would be able to help set up on Friday. He graciously paid for our camp site for the night. We got a temporary campsite for the first night and set up camp - we were tired and hit the sleeping bags early.

After a restless night's sleep - yeh, I forgot how hard the ground actually is. I awoke early and headed down to the lake to find Robert - the Race Director. I found him easily and got my first assignment - tearing the safety seals off of Gatorade bottles. That was fun "NOT" but after 2 blisters and help from Kim, my girlfriend and several other people we got all 5o0 bottles done. After that we help with a variety of projects and had everything set up by 4pm. After that I talked with several of the other athletes and got pointers for the bike course. I did get in a 1/2 mile practice swim as well. the lake was perfect. Temperature was about 65 degrees and very calm. I then worked on my bike and got everything ready for the race. I fell asleep early.

I slept better - guess the rocks got softer overnight. I woke up nervous with jitters in my stomach as usual before a race. The transition area filled up quickly. I think a major part of my anxiety came from the fact that my bike was not built for racing, downhill extremes, or any hard riding. That is what the warning on the front fork says. Everyone else out there had bikes that could survive this kind of race. I had a bike that was built to go to work and back. I was worried about folding the front fork over.

The race started on time - good thing because I don't think I could take waiting anymore. I was finally in the water and on my way. My swim was right on - I felt great..... the water was wonderful and my stroke was the best yet - my breathing was calm and rhythmic. It was a 2 loop swim with a short beach run. The Race Director offered to anyone that if after one lap you could not go on you would be able to do the short course instead. That though never occurred to me. I hit the beach ran to the next buoy and back in the water. I wanted to go the second lap - it felt good. I never thought I would be saying that about swimming.

I got into transition and felt great - I took my time and put socks on so that my mountain bike shoes would fit better. I grabbed my stuff - gave Kim a kiss and headed out. Knowing she would be there when I got back was a big drive to finish. The mountain bike course was brutal for a street triathlete. It started with the 4 mile "Buffalo Plunge" a hair raising downhill down a forest service road with washouts all over the place - I saw to athletes with severe road rash on the way down. Somehow I survived the plunge and then it was uphill out of there. I cannot begin to describe the course except to say that it was mostly on single track bike paths through the woods, over rocks, with some very steep uphills that needed to be walked, and a lot of granny-gear uphills that I survived somehow. I don't know how I made it through most of it because it is all a blur in my mind right now. The last 4 miles consisted of going back up the "Plunge". In the smallest gear that my bike had a pushed and pushed and pushed till I thought I would have no more. I was surprised at the amount of riders I passed on the uphill, many walking their bikes up the hill. I finally got to the top and headed to transition.

Kim was there waiting for me - I knew she would be. She is so good to me. I got into my running gear and with another kiss I headed out again. the run was very hilly at first - after about 1/4 mile I cramped in the quads. I was surprised it took so long. figured I would cramp a lot sooner. I walked it off for a bit and then started running again till the cramps came back. I was drinking loads of water and Gatorade. Finally as I got to the top and got some downhill in the cramps subsided some. I was then off and running finally. The run was absolutely beautiful. I ran next to a waterfall and a stream for a good bit. I finally got to a point where I could see the lake and ran down to the lakeside road. Knowing it was almost over I got into a rhythm and passed several runners that had slowed down. I got to talking with another runner and we encouraged each other and ran the last 2 miles together. Finally within shouting distance of the finish line I kicked it out and finished. And there she was again - waiting for me. I sure do Love her.......

I finished the race in good form and feel pretty good today. It was an experience that I would love to try again. with a better bike that is. It is a lot more challenging than a regular road tri. I did like it a lot. I did not place, but that is not what I expected anyway. I enjoyed myself and got the experience that I was wanting. Along with a lesson on mountain biking. I got the shit scared out of me on those downhills. God - I Love This Sport !!!!!!!!!
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Sore and Tired
June 04, 2008

Well the training program is in full swing, and boy can I feel it.

To get caught up again;;;;;

Last week was my yearly visit to Boulder Colorado for the Bolder Boulder. This was my 5th race. It still amazes me to see that many runners and walkers in the same place. This year was no different with over 53,000 runners. Where are all these people when I need someone to run with?

I ran the race with my 11y/o grandson. He really ran a great race. For 11 y/o he pushed hard and we kept up a pace of 8:57min/mi. finishing in just over 55:30. For once it was a cool day to run, well---maybe too cool and rainy at the end. We were unable to enjoy the Expo afterwards. All in all, it was a great race as usual - if you have never done the Bolder Boulder then plan on it for next year. It's a fun day for all, runners, walkers and bystanders.

My swim training is progressing nicely. I am pushing total workouts of around 2600 yards. My aerobic sessions are now in the 2000's. I am still and always working on form more than speed. i feel the the better my form is the faster I will become. I have not had any open water practices yet but I am working on putting a few together.

My cycling is going OK also. I have had no trouble on the bike this year so far. Just a few flats but nothing else. This weekend I am suppose to do a long ride of 3 hours. I hope the weather holds or it will make for a sloppy ride. Tonight I am riding with the Canon City Cycling Group - They usually have a great turnout and ride pretty aggressively. I usually push myself faster and harder with the group then when I ride alone. I did notice that is is time to buy tires again. Seems like I am always buying something for this sport.

My running is going fine - I guess. I am not progressing at the rate I should be. I still feel slow - and long distances are a struggle. I am trying to push harder but I still feel clumsy and slow when I run. Thinking about running a marathon after a bike ride is still worrying me. But with perseverance over the next 3 months I hope to make up for it. I know that the Ironman will be hard and torturous - I just don't want to drop out.

So I just keep plugging along - I am starting to work on my nutrition better. I still hope to lose a few pounds before the race - but would like to be a little heavier going into the Ironman race than I was on the 1/2 Iron. Just so that I have more fuel for the long distance. The summer is here and the sweating will be bad. Hope everyone is enjoying the year so far. Until next week - CIAO !!!
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Race Report
May 16, 2008

Well it's been a long week. I am tired and sore and still training as hard as possible. the weather has been nice out here in Colorado except for a few showers. But at least it's not hot yet.

Last weekend was my first Triathlon of the season. This was the Littlefoot Triathlon held in Morrison Colorado. It was an open water swim of 750 yards, a 15 mile bike and a 5 K run.....

I always get nervous on my first triathlon of the season. I don't' know how many other athletes get that way every year. It seem kinda natural to be a little nervous. Questions tend to pop into your head..... have I been training enough?, am I ready for open water?, is the equipment ready?All of these questions tend to take up a lot of room in your head. Trying to focus on the race and your mindset is harder to do on the first race of the season then on any others.

The morning started out great, there was a light wind kicking up the waves a bit on the lake. I was able to pick up my packet early since my girlfriend and I spent the night sleeping at the local campground. I got my packet, body marking and headed to transition. I had the same area in transition that I had last year. I like being on the end, that way no one is next to me at least on one side. I got into my wetsuit and headed down to the lake.

The water was pretty friggin cold!!!! I believe they said it was around 59 degrees. I wore my ORCA wetsuit - sleeveless, smart move!!!!. Most everyone else wore full wetsuits. I got in and started a swim - the cold hit my face and wow - that woke me up. It takes your breath away. the same thing happened last year so I was ready for the shock, I promised myself I would not let it slow me down this year. After a quick swim I got out and huddled like everyone else on the beach.

The Elite/Pro athletes got to take off first. They were pretty fast, although we watched one of the get fished out of the water. I don't know what happened but imagine that he might has lost his goggles or something. The younger men and women went next and the 40+ athletes went last. Are we that slow? Once in the water getting this race started I felt better. Although I had to hold up a couple short times to slow down my breathing I did get into my rhythm fast than last year. The course was different than last year, I think it was longer as well. There were quite a few swimmers picked up this year. but I swam well and finished the swim in 16.53.

I left the water glad to be finally out of the extreme cold. I could not feel my feet at all. My arms and hands were numb and I fumbled to get off my wetsuit. In T1 I stripped my wetsuit off and put on my helmet, gloves and attempted to put on my cycling shoes. I brought the wrong shoes with me - I had my road shoes not my triathlon shoes. So when i went to put them on - guess what. Wet feet do not go into regular cycling shoes well. I struggled for what I thought was an eternity to get them on. I finally go them on and headed out.

The bike course was great this year. They changed it from last year. The course was a little more difficult with S turns and some technical riding. Some short hills and some longer grades. It was a 2 loop course for a total of 15 miles. I still could not feel the bottom of my feet.....I pushed as hard as I could muster. I figured I had a lot of T1 time to make up. I was able to pass a lot on the hills. I pushed every hill in a standing position, gaining ground every time. I finished the bike in 50.25 for 15 miles. That placed me 1st in my age division for the bike portion.

T2 went a little better, I was off of my bike and running in 2:09. Still not real fast but those darn shoes did not come off any easier than they went on. Out for the run, I left transition.

The start of the run was real weird. It felt like I had golf balls in my shoes. I was unable to feel the bottom of my feet. I just kept running but it was real weird - almost like running without any feet at all. The problems is it really messed up my stride for the first 1.5 miles. Finally - I could start to feel my feet. They were at first painful - but being able to feel them - I could finally concentrate on my stride and I opened it up. The course was was a 1.5 miles loop. With the second 1.5 miles being downhill a little. I felt good as I crossed the finish line - glad to have the first one out of the way. I finished the run in 27:34 or 8:50min/mi.

My total time was 1:41:40.5, this placed me in 4th in my age division. 1 place out of getting a medal.This my best finish yet. After looking at the results - I found out that the difference between 4th and 3rd place......was the 2 minutes - about the amount extra I needed to get through T1. Lesson learned - I could have placed if I would have had my triathlon shoes... Bummer.

But I am pretty happy with my results. I proved to myself that I can compete, that I can at least put pressure on the faster athletes. Who knows what the future could hold. So I have been training hard this week as well. I gave up my Monday evening Spin Class so that I can have another day of cycling. I have not been running as much as I should be but will start concentrating on the run more from here on out. I did get in a one mile swim this morning in the pool in 24 minutes. I felt good afterwards. I need to get in the open water again soon. I know now that I have to work on my transitions as well. The time is right, this is my year. Look Out -----Here I Come........Ciao!!!
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