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I started running in January of 2004 to get in shape. I had gained too much weight and felt terrible. I was able to run my first 5K 3 months later. 2 years later and 50 lbs lighter, I have continued to push for greater goals and have run 5 marathons and I am training for an Iron distance triathlon now. Everyday I wake up with a positive attitude towards life, training and my future.
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Why do I Tri?
Should be why do I want to Tri? I want to see just how far I can push myself. With everyday I am in the best shape of my life. And I'm never going back!!!!
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November 21, 2007

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Turkey Week
November 20, 2007

So that statement gets me to thinking.

In an age where war is common, gas prices sky high, there is more pollution than ever and everytime you turn on the news - it's bad. What do we have to be thankful for? In my profession I am exposed to people from all walks of life, all ages, all levels of society and I see a lot of people who are depressed and lost. They can't see what they have in life that is positive, and even if they do see it they have no idea how to get to it. So do they have enything to be thankful for?

Life is ever changing. Something that was great one day may not be so great later in life. Relationships are one example. People change everyday - sometimes that change is healthy and positive - sometimes that change is unhealthy and negative. I have found that fear of the unknown future can force people into risky behavior that they otherwise would not participate in. Those same people are the ones that rely heavily on alchohol and drugs to find relief.

Those of us that have found exercise as a positive release for our frustrations are way ahead of the crowd. We all have the same letdowns, stressors, concerns that the negative people do. Our stressors are no different - it is how we react to them that makes the difference. We attack negative life events the same that we attack our training and our competitions. We focus on the specific item, threat, goal and then set down and create a plan of action to succeed. During a race the decision is even faster, we look ahead, pick out a victim and push until we pass them. then we start the process over again and again. Either in life or during a race the same process is used.

So what are we Thankful for - well if you are an exercise junky like myself - we are thankful for our bodies and the ability that we have been given to live a positive, fulfilling life. And if you are a depressed, unmotivated, unhappy person - well just be thankful that you have the choice to change your life and make it positive at anytime. It is a choice that everyone has, so you can continue down the road to self destruction or make the commitment towards positive changes in your life. So either live life in a positive manner or live life out of a bottle. Your choice not mine.......

Sono amare la vita, anche senza di voi
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Onward and Upward
November 09, 2007
Well, last I blogged and had a lot of ranting and raving. I'm better now. I've accepted the idea of not doing an "Ironman" event next year. I am soooooo looking forward to training and completing my first Iron Distance Event.

So where do I start. How do I start. When do I start.

These questions need answered. There needs to be a lot of thought devoted to these questions.

An Iron Distance Event is like nothing else on earth for an athlete. Training for this distance requires setting up a training plan, a nutrition plan, and a recovery plan. Each of these plans must be practiced over and over again. During the next 300 days prior to my event I will be blogging the steps that I will be taking to get ready for the big race. Consider it the "Road to the Iron Race" Blog. I hope to document each step I take in preparation for the race.

I am intensely studying training schedules and techniques used by other athletes and coaches. I would like to have my own coach for this but I am not sure I will be able to afford one. So for the next 300 days or so this will be a learning experience for me and for my readers. Anyone who is reading my blog and has comments regarding my training for the Iron Race, please send them on through. I could use all the help I can get.
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Florida Ironman - Crap
November 08, 2007
OK, now I am not one to get very angry, mad or pissed off. Actually I am probably one of the most relaxed, easy going people you would meet. But, after spending 3 hours waiting for the sign up for Ironman Florida just to find out there were no general entry slots available online just pisses me off.

It appears that in it's God-Like decision making mind - North America Sports, Ironman Committee has changed how they would open slots for Ironman events. I feel that the decision they made is completely ridiculous and unfair to the many newbie triathletes looking into getting into an Ironman Event. First off they have allowed the current year's Ironman athlete that is signed up for a particular race to be able to sign up for the following year's race the day before they race the current year. Then, they open general entry the day after the race first thing in the morning - but get this - only at the race site, not online. So for the rest of us that can't spend the money to head out to Florida - we are out of luck. They finally open online registration after they close race site registration. Which leaves - no slots left or very little. This is a ridiculous policy and prevents new athletes from being able to participate in an Ironman Race. So for the foreseeable future - all Ironman events for 2008 are already filled up. This Sucks*****

So now that I vented I feel better. So it seems to me that the Ironman committee is out my registration. And I feel a lot of other athletes are as pissed as I am. I have looked around our wonderful country and have found Iron-Distance Events in almost every state. Most costing less than an Ironman Event and probably with better support.

I have signed up for my Iron-Distance Event - I will be competing in the Oklahoma City Redman Triathlon in September of next year. I am looking forward to being able to go to OKC and I am sure the event will be as life changing as an Ironman Event. And when I complete the race, although they will not be able to yell out "You are an Ironman" to me. I will still be an Ironman. It's not the race people - it's the distance. It's the accomplishment. So for all you "Ironmen" out there who will be pissed at me when I claim the same title as you. Shove Off. I will be an Ironman next year. And I may even get an M-Dot Tattoo.
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November 04, 2007

Well the time has come - it is finally here. Ironman Florida registration opens today at 11am my time. I have been waiting for this day since my dirst Triathlon. I am going to sign up for the greatest race every.

Tonight or should I say this morning I am at work. Working the late shift - Graveyards - is a challenge just from the standpoint of trying to keep both eyes open at the same time. All the caffeine in the world doesnt work. I got in about 4 hours of sleep from lasts night's shift, and that does not seem to cover me this morning. I am really having problems keeping my eyes open. I will need to stay up for the first half of tomorrow in order to be ready to sign up for Ironman Florida. I don't know how awake I will be but I will be up.

Training this week has picked up some. I got more time in the gym than I had been getting. I am working a lot on core exercises and trying to builup more strength in my swim muscles. I am feeling a lot stronger in the swim and hope to bring down my time as much as a can. I need to start running more - I have a half-marathon scheduled for the first weekend in December. I am no where near ready to run that far yet. Most of the team is planning on that run so I will have to get my butt in gear soon.

This next week will be my first meeting with the courts on my divorce. Gladly my ex is starting to get her stuff together and has found a place to move to. I wish it would not have come down to this - no really I wish it could have worked out. This whole divorce thing is just no easy on anyone. I thought about it for a long time the other day. I just can not continue to live with her. I have changed over the past few years - hopefully - I think I changed for the better, but change happens. I really believe that we will be better friends after the divorce is over than we are today. At least that is my hope.

Well for now - Ciao. I will continue to blog as race registration gets closer.

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