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I started running in January of 2004 to get in shape. I had gained too much weight and felt terrible. I was able to run my first 5K 3 months later. 2 years later and 50 lbs lighter, I have continued to push for greater goals and have run 5 marathons and I am training for an Iron distance triathlon now. Everyday I wake up with a positive attitude towards life, training and my future.
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Why do I Tri?
Should be why do I want to Tri? I want to see just how far I can push myself. With everyday I am in the best shape of my life. And I'm never going back!!!!
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Prospect Lake Triathlon
June 26, 2007

The Prospect Lake Triathlon took place over the weekend. Although not my A-Race this year I would consider it one of my milestones for training prior to my half-iron.

The race was pretty awesome. There were around 300 or so participants. The were 24 male elite and 9 female elite triathletes. The most well known being Hunter Kemper. Who by the way finished overall number one - no doubt, the guy just looked so awesome as he passed by me on the bike. I could only hope and pray to get to his level of competition.

The age groupers totaled 180 men and 144 women. The weather was superb - water temps at 68-69 degrees. the air temp at the start was around 56 but warmed up quickly with the sun. There was no wind to speak of and no signs of rain either. The transition area was a little more crowded this year than last but everyone seemed to work together to get the space they needed. The air was full of anticipation, newbies and veterans mixed together and stories of past triathlons were numerous.

The swim was 750 meters. This was a beach start so it was a little more exciting than last year which was a water start. The newbies seemed a little leery of being in the mix but I don't think anyone got hurt. For the first time I jumped into the mix near the front. I wanted to be part of the close quarters swimming and I think I swam over the top of someone. OOPS :-(

After the crowd thinned a little I found my groove and kept of a pretty good pace through the first and second buoy. The last leg I pushed my stroke faster and pulled away from a lot of the swimmers in my wave. I finished my swim with a time of 16:56, or 14th out of a wave of 42 men. That is my fastest swim yet and I felt great after getting out of the water. I was not completely wasted after the swim and got into transition right away.

My T1 was the fastest yet for me at 1:56. My wetsuit stripped off easily and I got into my bike shoes and off I went. I recently purchased a new Louis Garneau Helmet and I used it for this race. I felt good getting on the bike and had no problems mounting.

The bike was a 4 loop 13.2 mile course. It is moderately hilly. The road conditions were fair with quite a few creases in the road and there were some rocks in the road. The bike ride went well although I did throw a chain to the inside of the crank while shifting but I was able to recover with a little creative shifting. My time on the bike was 39:44 which placed me 5th in my age group, out of 26th. I am pretty happy with my progress on the bike. I came into T2 out of my shoes and had no problems dismounting. My T2 time was only 1:13.

The run was a 5K around the lake. It seemed a lot longer. My legs did not feel as rubbery for this run but I just could not get my speed going. I felt a little wasted, washed out. I did take a gel while out on the bike but I think I should have taken in more calories than I did. I finished the run in 25:45 an 8:17 min/mi that was a slower than my last triathlon run. I will be looking at my training schedule and modifying it to work more on my running before I head out for my half.

I finished with a total of 1:25:35. That placed me 9th out of 26 men 40-44 and 80th overall out of 180 men. I still have a lot of work to do before Timberman. But at least now I know that I am improving. Some day I may get a chance to stand on the podium - I always have my podium clothes packed. Don't you? Ciao!
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Great Weekend
June 19, 2007

It was a long weekend for me. I had Monday off so I was able to get a few days of rest for a change.

On Saturday I enjoyed another open water swim. I felt great! The water was a little cool and the air was warm. There was no wind at all. We were able to swim as many laps as we wanted back and forth across the lake. It was about 300-350 yards across, so every trip back and forth was around 700 yards. I did it 3 times. I felt so good I probably could have even done it a 4th time. I would just get into a rhythm and count strokes. Get up to 15 and site for my landmarks. I would like to swim the course on Sunday without "tackin" back and forth.

Sunday was a 60 mile bike ride that ended up being only 56 miles total. It got hot fast on Sunday and the wind kicked up early. I ended up fighting the wind all the way back to my car. I feel that I did twice the work than my other rides. But I finished and that is what makes you feel good.

Monday, we got to swim at the outside pool. The pool is a full 25 yards. That is real nice. I enjoyed the swim. The team is really swimming well. I look forward to competing with them in future races. This weekends race should be great. I hope the weather holds out and does not get too hot by Sunday.
If you get the chance - please take a look at the hilarious You Tube video at the bottom of my blog page. For now - CIAO !!!
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Cycling Club
June 14, 2007
Last night I had the opportunity to ride with the Canon City Cycling Club. I just want to express my thanks to them for letting me join in.

As a triathlete I tend to train on my own most of the time. having to go at it alone on a triathlon without drafting makes it easier to train that way. The problem is that I don't push myself hard enough on my own.

So being in a group of cycling junkies last night gave me a push I definitely needed bad. We headed out of town up Red Canyon Road. The ride is pretty grueling until the turn around about 13 miles away. There is a lot of hill work to do. I stayed with the pack for most of the way there but got dropped on one particular hill because the group surged suddenly and I did not react in time. Once out of the group I tried to catch up but there was no way. I did stay with a couple of other riders until the turn around.

Once at the turn-around we regrouped and rested for a few minutes. Back in the saddle the group started off at a gentle pace, laughing and talking back and forth. Then it happened, Mark one of my fellow triathletes said something like "watch me do something stupid" and sprinted forward ahead of the pack at full speed. Everyone looked at each other and though "what got into him". Well since he was one of my teammates, I jump forward to catch up to him.

I caught up to him after a bit and he looked tired from that sprint. Looking back I found that the pack had followed me and the race was on. One fast cyclist bolted forward and kept going. He was a pretty strong rider and the pack had to get organized. The pack tightened up and worked together to catch up to the lead rider. The pace was pretty furious. I think everyone was tired after the ride as we gathered for pizza and beer.

I felt great for the ride. I hope to join the group again for another ride later this month. Until then I will continue to train on my own and push up my mileage.
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Down Day
June 13, 2007

Hello - How goes life?

Today I woke up feeling down. I have been having some increased stress lately and I think it is catching up to me. I just feel blah today. No matter how hard and extra I work it seems that my bills are piling up faster than I can get them paid. I hope I can make it to payday. It doesn't help being a Triathlete either, everything is expensive. The cost of the race, equipment, travel, food etc. That cuts into the budget as well.

I got back in the pool this morning. It was crowded but I ended up having my own lane after a short while. The others in the pool kept stopping and chatting at the end of the lane and my flip turns were getting them wet. Oooops. Anyway they moved to another lane and I then got in a great swim. Once again I just started swimming laps and kept going. I got in a 1000 yard interval and felt like I could go another 500 without problems. I worked a little harder on breathing on my weak side too. I don't want to be one-sided and start swimming in circles out on the lake - like a one-armed man rowing a boat.

Tonight it looks like the consensus is a bike ride - The Tri-Club is meeting for a short 20 mile ride. sounds like a good break from my usual schedule. Hopefully I will be in a better mood by that time. I am looking forward to another open water swim this weekend.

La vita di maggio otterrà migliore presto - prego !!!!

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Great Bike Ride
June 12, 2007

Good Morning Triathlon World.

I hope everyone was up early this morning - training. It occurs to me everyday that there are so many people that miss the best time of the day because of sleep. Getting up early and out the door makes the day great. Seeing the sunrise every morning is enought to power my day forward. To think - early morning trainers like me get more done before breakfast than most get done in a whole day.

This morning the weather was perfect for cycling. At first there was a chance of rain but it held off. The roads were a little moist but no great big puddles. I headed out on the highway this morning towards Penrose. the ride seems to be getting easier every time I do it. So either I am getting stronger or the hills area getting flatter. I think the first one is correct. My plan was for 1:15:00 of riding at a steady pace. Trying to keep my average about 19.0 mph. I would like to get my average up above 20.0 mph and on Sunday I came damb close to it. Today's ride felt good. I did have some back pain after the first 45 minutes but it was tolerable. I forgot to take an Ibuprofen before leaving. On the way back there is a hill - we call it Loader Hill. Everyone pretty much hates it because it is steep and long. So on the way back today I looked ahead and saw another cyclist about half way up. He appeared to be on a mountain bike and riding slowly up the hill. Now every good triathloete would never pass up this challenge. Catch up to him and pass before he reaches the top. So off I went in a big gear - out of my saddle and pushing hard. I got about half way up and dropped the gears down and pushed hard to the top. Just before the top of the hill I caught and overtook him out of my saddle and then rode the big gear down the other side. GOD - I love this sport !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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June 11, 2007

WOW - the past week flew by and my blog is far behind. The farther I get into my training schedule the less time I find for the other things I need to do. Even my training diary has suffered from abandonment. Let me see if I can everything caught up.

Last Wednesday - The day was pretty nice. I got in a fair swim and looked forward to another open water swim on Thursday night. I feel more confident in the pool and hope that transforms into better swimming in open water. I got back great pictures from Highlands Ranch and the event photogs got a great one that I am planning on buying.

Last Thursday - The weather was terrible in the morning. It was cold and very windy. I hit the gym up that morning and worked on legs, arms and abs. I feel that I need to get in more weight lifting workouts in order to move up any farther in the standings. Thursday evening I met up with the Tri Club at Prospect Lake in Colorado Springs. They set up the lake for a 750 meter swim. the same length as the triathlon will be at the end of the month. The weather was challenging - it was spitting rain and the wind was blowing at a constant 10-25 mph over the water. The water was very choppy. Great - would this be another Morrison for me. Would I be able to get comfortable in the water or panic as I did last time? The answer - nope. It was a totally awesome swim. I started out the swim slowly - I wanted to keep my eyes on the club newbies. They looked scared - I could see it in thier faces even with the goggles on. So I swam back and forth with them for awhile. I then tucked my head in and sprinted forward - I felt great in the water. As I turned to catch a breath I would look across the water and for once I could see that I was moving real fast in the water. I passed people faster than I could remember doing in the past. I felt strong and confident. It was awesome. I climbed out of the water and looked back to see the newbies struggling - so I headed back out to the last buoy to help them in. I think I got in about 1100-1200 meters for the night.

Sunday - Yesterday - Great day - early start to cycle. Got in 50 great miles. Did flat at mile 13 but had not problems changing out. Bike ran good. Only took 2:30 to complete. Averaged about 19mph for the ride. Legs felt great. For the rest of the day I enjoyed working around the house.

Today - Back in the water, time to step it up. Training takes on a new level today. After my open water on thursday and a great ride yesterday I am pushing everything up one level. This morning I got in a total of 3000 yards in the pool including 2x500 and 1x1000 intervals. I felt great - I felt tired - I felt like I was working out. After I was done I felt as if I accomplished something, my arms were sore and thirsty for calories. I fed them Muscle Milk and headed to work.

OK that catches everthing up - now if I could just keep it caught up I would be happy. CIAO.

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Highlands Ranch Triathlon
June 05, 2007


The Highlands Ranch Spring Tune-Up Triathlon took place on Saturday June 2nd. The Race consisted of a 500 yard pool swim, a 12 mile bike and a 5K run. There were 318 athletes participating this year. The weather was perfect, temperature was around 70 and there was no wind.

The Canon Triathlon Club sent up 6 members to the race. 2 of the newbie triathletes did well enough to place in their age division. It was an awesome race, the support was great, the course well laid out.

I was in the pool at 7:02:00. Although the water was pretty warm I felt great. After my last triathlon swim I looked forward to pushing hard and getting out in under 10 minutes. I was first in my lane and started out strong. I was passed by the second swimmer on lap 5 and was not passed again. I did catch up to the other swimmers in the lane and overtook them. I was out of the water in 9:30 with a 10 second run to the timing mat.

T1 went OK until I got past the mats. I planned on getting into my shoes while on the fly but one of my shoes came off the pedal. I needed to stop and go back for it. This added about 1 minute to my bike time. My T1 time was only 1:30 minute.

The bike course was challenging with the beginning mile slightly rolling followed by a 8/10th of a mile hill climb. I found that I could gear down a little and push it out in my seat. After the top it leveled for about .25 mile then it had a 2% grade for the next 3/4 mile. There was another smaller hill at about the 3 mile mark that I found I could stand up and power over. After that it flattened out and then went downhill for the next 2.5 miles. I reached speeds of 35-38 mph. I lost one water bottle around the end of the ride, but otherwise the bike portion was totally awesome.

T2 went a whole lot better than T1 with no problems encountered. I was only in the transition area for 1:00 min. Then off to run.

The 5K run was on a concrete path through the park area. Although not crazy about running on concrete, I liked it better than if it would have been dirt. The course was pretty flat to slightly downhill for the first 1/2 mile then it was uphill to the turn around. Back the way we came and it finished slightly uphill to flat. The course was flat with me posting my fastest triathlon run yet at an average 8:12 mile.

All in all the race was a must do for next year. I finished 13/31 in my age division. As usual the 40-44 year old group seems to be real competitive. The overall winner was from the 40-44 year old age group with a finish of 59:00. Otherwise I finished 37/147 males and 46/318 athletes. I really felt great at this race and hope to build on my success. It is time to ramp up the training to see how far I can go. There is no stopping now.......... Rock On!

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