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I started running in January of 2004 to get in shape. I had gained too much weight and felt terrible. I was able to run my first 5K 3 months later. 2 years later and 50 lbs lighter, I have continued to push for greater goals and have run 5 marathons and I am training for an Iron distance triathlon now. Everyday I wake up with a positive attitude towards life, training and my future.
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Arizona RockNRoll 2007
Salt Lake City Marathon 2006
Steamboat Marathon 2005
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Las Vegas Marathon 2005
Why do I Tri?
Should be why do I want to Tri? I want to see just how far I can push myself. With everyday I am in the best shape of my life. And I'm never going back!!!!
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Epic Ride
September 30, 2006
I am not sure how to express myself. The words are not coming easily. I usually can just descibe, without problems how I feel. But right now I am at a loss for words.

I left on my long ride on time. Everything was like clockwork. I awoke to find perfect riding weather. Clear skies and temperature around 45 degrees. I had some coffee and a bagel and headed out of the house. My bike, Athena, was load on the car. My bags packed.

I drove into town, still everything appeared good. Traffic was light, it was a little warmer down there but I stayed in my riding pants and a wind breaker. I dressed a little warmer than I should of but I wanted to be safe, instead of frozen. I could always take things off.

After rechecking Athena and topping off her tires I headed out on the road. The first few miles I used as a warm up, Stopping with traffic and getting out of the saddle to stretch my legs. After leaving the city limits I settled down into a good cadence. There was no wind that I could feel. My legs were moving like machines. Even the hills were feeling easy. I was staying in my big chainring, even on the hills. Wow, did I feel great. I pushed the pace, concentrating on my cadence and form, staying in a good aero-position.

Before I knew it - I was in Pueblo West. 30 miles away from where I started. How cool is this. I could not believe that I had made it out here so quickly and feeling so good. Little did I know that was about to change.

I got off my bike and stretched for a minute, ate and drank. Checked over the bike and took off the wind breaker. I left my riding pants on, although it was starting to get pretty warm out. In retrospect, I should have taken them off.

The ride back was harder, I am not sure why. My legs fest heavier, my low back started to hurt. When the back started hurting, I would have to pull up and stretch my back. This kept me out of the aero-position much of the time. The camel back I was wearing started feeling real heavy. One good thing is I did not cramp up like I did on the 50 mile ride. I did take in another gel at mile 45 with some water. After about 10 minutes I started feeling better again. I dropped off my camel back at mile 52, leaving it with my support car. I then rode the last 8 miles as fast as I could. The ending felt good. I felt real good. What an awesome ride. 64.3 miles total. I pushed a 19 mph average. No flats, but the back end started to squeak, need to have an oiling again. My legs felt good and no cramps the whole day long.

After having some coffee, I showered, changed and then walked behind a lawnmower for 2 hours. And I still felt great.

This sport is completely awesome. No other sport has the variety of training, competing, and friendship that triathlons do. I am so totally stoked. I can't wait for my next milestone, 80 miles. Maybe before the snow flies. Never Know. Good night.
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September 28, 2006
Just a quick blog today - I rested.

Tomorrow morning I am planning a 60+ mile bike ride in the morning. I'll blog after the ride and tell you all how it went. That is if I am still alive..................
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The Crazy Swimming Guy
September 27, 2006

Well the title describes it all.

I am now known as the crazy swimming guy to the other pool members in the mornings.

After a great night of sleep, I got to the pool by 6:45 and got my lane set up right away. There were 3 nice elderly woman in the pool. The "regulars". They always are so nice and give up the far side of the pool for my laps. I got a lane set up and warmed up with 1 x 100 at a slow easy pace.

Last night I decided that I wanted to see if I could swim a total of 2000 meters. So I laid down my goal and started up. Before long I had my first 500 out of the way. I took a 2 minute rest break and got started on the second 500 meter leg. My stroke is getting better. I can definitely feel when I get sloppy now. then I work hard at fixing the problem. My second 500 went about like the first, I am averaging about 1:50 min / 100 meter. I felt pretty tired after the second one and took another 2 minute rest break.

My third 500 was a little more challenging and I noticed that I was slowing down. I forgot to set my watch for the third set. But I kept up with it, trying to maintain speed while maintaining form. I notice that I needed to take an extra breath from time to time. Mostly I was breathing every 3rd stroke. Sometimes I could go every 4 strokes but would have to take one every 2 strokes occasionally. Anyway I got that last set done finally. I finished off the 2000 meter swim with 4 x 100 with 1 minute of rest in-between.

Well I reached another milestone in my training. 2000 meters in one session in the pool. Now all I need to be able to do is finish the same distance faster with less rest. I can't wait to get the workout cards for swimming. The other swimmers in the pool now refer to me as the "crazy swimming guy". One of them asked why I swam so much, I explained that I am training for longer open water swims which she thought was even crazier. I am the only lap swimmer in the mornings, so they are not use to seeing someone go back and forth so many times at a time. The goggles and swim cap throw them off as well. Not to forget to mention that not too many swimmers go there wearing Speedos either.

Hey, they might start calling me the "Speedos Guy" ------- Nah!
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Team RaceAthlete
September 26, 2006

WOW! How awesome is this. Race Athlete is taking applications from regular age-groupers for the new Team Race Athlete. How cool is this. If you haven't heard of this yet, please go to and check it out. I put in my application this morning. I may not be the fastest age-grouper out there, but you will not find anyone else with the enthusiasm that I have for the sport of Triathlon.

Back to the hills this morning. I ran my hill climb route again this morning. I pushed the pace even though my legs were screaming at me from yesterday's run. I averaged a 10 min/mile pace this morning. And as steep as this road is I feel that is great. My legs are sore today, but not in a painful way. My knees are feeling good even with the pounding of running downhill for the past 2 days. Hopefully by the time my race comes around I will have my knees fortified for the pounding.

It's a totally awesome day here in Colorado. The weather is perfect for any training. Well, maybe an outdoor swim would be cold but everything else is OK. Tomorrow is a leg rest day, I'll get in the pool in the morning and swim about 2000 meters. I have ordered the book "Workouts in a Binder - Swim Workouts for Triathletes" and can't wait to get started. I usually just do lap and lap after lap. i need to do more of a structured water workout and hope that this guide will help me out. I'll blog on it after it arrives. Until tomorrow - CIAO
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Back to the Grind
September 25, 2006

Just hearing the word sends shivers up my spine. No really, but Mondays seem to come around faster than every 7 days.

This week is a major buildup week for running. I need to step up the pace to be ready for the Rim Rock Run. This morning I did hillwork again. I ran about 6 miles uphill and then 6 miles downhill. I kept up a good pace and felt real good till the last 2 miles downhill. My L hip started hurting for some reason. Downhill running is just so much harder on the body.

I use to think that running downhill would be great. Wow, let gravity do the job and just push hard. But I am finding out that running downhill takes it's toll on the joints and body. I really feel like I am punishing myself when I run downhill. That is why I need to practice it more. The Rim Rock Run will be 10 miles of downhill, and not just a taper but a real steep downhill at times.

Tomorrow I will be back at Skyline drive for more hill training. I will not get in much swimming and biking this week. The weather in the mornings is getting downright frigid. I wore long sleeves this morning. I should have worn gloves too. Well until tomorrow, Ciao!
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First Snow
September 22, 2006

There is nothing like it in life. The first snow of the season always seems to bring out the child in you. Seeing the flakes falling gently from the sky. At first melting immediately as they hit the ground, then with time even the ground gives up and allows the snow to stay. Feelings of excitement start from deep inside your heart. Winter is around the corner, training schedules change from here until spring. Indoor cycles, treadmills and stairclimbers are beginning to warm up. Life takes on a new cycle, healing, preparing and planning for the next race season.

Today is a rest day. I figured I should take one. I have been feeling a little over trained lately. Feeling sluggish and tired. My appetite has been good, I think my caloric intake has been maintained lately, with my weight holding around 178lbs. I did do a skin caliper test last night. I used the 7 site method and came up with a Body Fat Percentage of 8.25%

Now knowing that number I feel a little better about my weight gain from 170 - 180. I thought I was putting on fat, even with my increased activity and training the number was not going down. Now I can attribute the weight gain to the addition of swimming and cycling for the past 3 months. The added exercise and weight training of my upper body has increased my weight in muscle vs fat. I have noticed a bit more definition in my upper body especially in my shoulders and lats.

Starting this weekend, my training is ramping up a notch with lot's of long hillwork for the next few weeks. I won't be on the bike as much, which I will miss, but I do need to concentrate on running uphill hard. Anyone looking to run the RimRockRun in Grand Junction, CO or just looking for information on the run can find it at I recently received an e-mail from the committee and they are looking for a new Director for next year. Otherwise they will have to cancel the race next year. Interested? Living in Colorado? Please send an e-mail to the committee at

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Rainy Day People
September 21, 2006
Rainy Day People - get thier keester out of bed and get to the gym early.........

Yeh I could have done my workout in the rain, cold and wind. I could probably use the adverse conditions to harden me, but not today. Plus I pay alot for gym membership and lately have not been going since it's been so nice outside.

Got in 3 miles this morning on the treadmill. Working it on the incline as well to get some hillwork done. Then I moved over to the leg extension and flexion machines with moderate weights and extra reps. It felt real good to push my legs a little. I felt kinda wobbly after the workout. Got in some ab work as well.

Strength training is much needed in the training of endurance athletes, especially triathletes. The body is placed in so much distress during a long event, that without the extra muscle mass and strength training the body cannot maintain forward momentum. After the body uses up all the carbs and fats, there is nothing but pure strength to get you through. Upper body work is very important for swimmers as well. Even if you have the greatest stroke and form, an athlete still need strength to go long distances at a good pace.

I skipped lunch today and decided to go to the pool instead. I swam by myself at lunch which makes it nice and quiet. I did about 8 x 100, and 1x500 as well as a few warm up and cool down laps. I really feel that I am becoming more comfortable as well as faster in the water. Have you ever noticed that swimming gives you time to meditate/think about what is going on in your life? When the form is good, the thoughts mellow out, when the form is bad you can't think of anything nice. Weird.
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Wind Chill Factor
September 20, 2006

WOW, my official first ride in cold weather. The faster I got to going the number my hands became.

This morning I got on my bike early enough for a great 30 mile ride. The sun still hiding behind the mountains. The air was cool, not particularly cold, but nice and crisp. I wore my bib shorts and a long sleeve jersey. I really wasn't thinking it was that cold this morning, and did not prepare for what was to come.


Did you know that at 25 mph in 40 degree weather that the wind chill is 29 degrees. Yeah, neither did I.

In town wasn't bad because I maintain about an 18mph speed, but the hill outside of town I can definately put some heat on my tires and I was moving around 30 mph. Funny thing was I was losing feeling in my fingers and I wasn't able to move my jaw fast either. Man, did it get cold fast. So like any good triathlete would do, I figured if I worked harder and faster I would warm up more. NOT. Just made me colder.

I was able to warm up once the sun got up above the mountain. Also the uphills slowed me down and I finally felt my fingers again.

Lesson learned, #1 - by full riding gloves, #2 - by riding pants, #3 - install a heater on my bike. (OK, maybe the last one won't work)

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Spashing Around
September 19, 2006

Pool Work. I use to hate it. No, I use to dread it. I can remember when I first started this journey and I went to swim the first time. I jumped in and bearly could make it to the end of the lane. I felt like I was drowning with every stroke.

How things change with practice!

This morning I got in around 1600-1800 meters. I feel comfortable in the pool now. Getting in 100 meters is pretty easy now. Doing 300 repeats is even pretty easy. I got in 2 500 meter repeats today plus some 100 repeats. I feel more comfortable and stronger every day I put in the pool. I can pull myself through the water, I feel myself grabbing the water and pulling myself along. I now have a great hip snap with each stroke. Although my speed is still slower than it should it is getting faster. Practice does make perfect.

I will try and get up to Colorado Springs next month and join in on a Masters Swim to see how I am doing compared to other swimmers. That should give me an idea how I am progressing. At the same time having someone look at my form would not hurt any.
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6 miles Uphill

Monday - A Cool Crisp Morning

Woke up feeling great. Sunday was a little distressing, and I was exhausted. Today I feel great. Didn't get my long run in this weekend. No excuses I just did not feel great. So I decided to run long this morning.

I ask myself, "Self, what should I do today". With a little wicked voice within screams "lets run uphill !"

So away I went, I ran uphill to the entrance of Skyline Drive. If you remember from my previous blogs, Skyline Drive is my hill training route. I usually start at the first gate and run over and back. But to get to the first gate from town you either drive there or run there. The route to the gate is all uphill. So today I ran there, then ran over the mountain, then I ran down the other side and back to town. The total uphill was about 6 miles. So I am getting better for the race in November. I am getting stronger with every day. Some days I don't feel stronger but then I have a breakout day and I feel the difference. Just when things get bleak and you feel that your training is for naught, something happens that slaps you in the face and tells you that it's going to be OK. That's Life!

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September 15, 2006
DEPRESSION. This is a disease that just sucks the life out of everything around it.

Thankfully I don't have it. But I am affected by it. Half of my life is exposed to it. That would be my home life and I don't know how much more I will be able to take. Everything else in my life is going just the way I want it too. Sure, I could make a little more money, I could be working a better job, I could be driving a newer car, but all in all my life away from home is going great.

My training is progressing on a regular basis. I look forward to waking up every day that I can train, shoot I look forward to anything I have to do as long as I don't have to be home. Sounds kinda brash I know. My love for triathlons includes my love of being surrounded by people I don't know yet feel their positive energy pouring out of each pore of their existence. I have yet to see another triathlete in the water, depressed.

I am exposed to depression on a daily basis. Either in person and up front or on the phone. I sure hope it is not contagious. I will continue to use my training and friendships to fight it off. I have been praying for the answer. As of yet I have not heard a response. I do know that I will find an answer sooner or later. And it will not be an easy one. The hard choices are usually the hard ones to do. As much as I am not looking forward to making that choice I feel that it is inevitable. I can only take so much.
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Speed, Speed

I hate Intervals!

That's what I said to myself on the wasy to the track yesterday. I don't know why but I just do them out of necessity, not love for them. However. In order to do anything right you have to have a love for it, right.

Maybe it's the running around in a circle that I don't like or maybe it's the running at VO2 max that I don't like. Well anyway, Intervals are an important addition to any training routine. To quote Endurance

"Intervals are a series of efforts run at speeds faster than normal training with a rest interval (usually a walk or slow jog). These are an obvious stepping stone to developing speed but what sort of intervals should you do? Also when and how much? The final point worth considering is the length of recovery between intervals and how hard you run/walk between."

My schedule for the morning was 6x880 with a warm up and cool down run. the morning was beautiful with a slight breeze. no-one else on the track. I had the whole place to myself. Sooooo, if I cheated no-one would know, right. Wrong, my inner child came out kicking and screaming. He wanted to run fast, as fast as he could go. So I pushed and pushed and pushed a few more times.

I finished my intervals for the day. Not the fastest I've been in the past though. Looks like I should be doing more of these to get faster. It did make my inner child happy though. When I get down on myself for speed or abilities, I sometimes remind myself that although I am not the fastest Triathlete in the world. Or even the fastest 42 year old traithlete in the world. I am in better shape than 1/3 of the 42 year olds in the world. And that is a very small number. And not to threaten the elite triathlete's but ---->>>>

--------------------I AM STILL GETTING FASTER ---------------

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Brick Building Again
September 13, 2006
Good Morning World !!!!

Another beautiful day out here in Colorado. That is one of the greatest things about living out here. The weather is beautiful almost every day of the year.

I was up and out of the house extremely early this morning. I wanted to get a good Brick in today. My swim was absolutely awesome. For the first time I was able to swim nonstop for 500 meters, then repeat it 5 minutes later. I am really getting into the swimming thing. I think I am growing gills but I can't be sure ---- so I've included a picture of my neck, what do you think?

After my swim I climbed upon my bike and rode off into the "sunrise"? Oh whatever. The bike ride was great I added another 20 miles on and rode pretty hard throughout the entire ride. My average speed being 19.8 mph. My bike handling skills are pretty good. I was using new pedals this morning. The LOOK racing pedals with the lateral float. I don't know if I like the lateral float but for this morning I did not notice much of a difference from my last pedals as far as feeling. They are a lot easier to get into that my last pedals. Which is great at stop lights. I do need to adjust my cleat a little to the inside - I kept rubbing up against the crank.

Tonight I start another week of ab work. Strengthening up the core has really helped my swimming. I am able to power my swims through my hip movement and it seems to help out my form a lot. For Now. Ciao!

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Up and Over
September 12, 2006
Back to hill training today. The morning was glorious, sun shining and nice and cool to run in. I ran what is locally called "Skyline Drive"

Skyline Drive is a 2.5 mile gate to gate ridge run. It is a steep uphill for 1.5 miles followed by a steeper downhill for 1 mile. To get the best benefit from the route is to run it from gate to gate to gate. This give you 2 steep uphill runs and 2 good downhills to train on.

This morning I was feeling especially good physically and pushed the hill hard. I though I would hit the wall at any time however, guess what. I didn't. I finished with my best time yet of 48 minutes for the full 5 mile run. I better get better than that though. The Rim Rock Run will be 8 miles of uphill running continuously. Ouch!
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Monday Starts the Weekend
September 11, 2006

That's the way I feel at least. What a great weekend it was. I had time to get a lot done around my house and get in a decent run.

I had to work on Saturday but the 12 hours went by fairly quickly. I was busy for most of the day. After work I went out for a nice quiet dinner and went home to bed. It is so nice to be able to go home and relax without any stress. I spend time thinking about the future. Thinking about upcoming races. And I was thinking about how IronWil was doing on her night before her Ironman. How freaked out could that be! Guess I will find out in 2008.

Yesterday I got in a good slow run of 8 miles. I mixed in some intervals and hillwork into the run. My legs felt great, maybe a little tired from last weeks workouts though. I did have some discomfort in my L hip. That has gone away thank God. I tried to keep my heartrate in the aerobic zone for most of the run. The weather out here has been awesome for working out. The mornings are cool and the days are just a little warm but the temps go down quickly in the evening for another run or bike.

This morning I was back in the pool. The water was much cooler which felt great. My swimming is going great and I am able to swim continuously for 500 meters at a time. I still wish I had a coach to take a look at me. I don't think I am that far off from where I should be on form, might just need to tweak it a little. Otherwise I am feeling great, my weight is dropping down to race levels again. I am continuing my ab/core workouts at night. I feel my body fat levels are dropping again. WOW - doesn't it feel good to be in good health. Looks good too!!!!!!!!
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A Day Behind
September 07, 2006
Here I am and I am again one day behind on my blog. Really I try hard to stay up to date.

Yesterday I was back in the pool. Felt great and got in about 1600 meters. My form is feeling better and quicker. Breathing is better. Although I am not as fast as the Kahuna is in the water I think my form is better looking. Hahaha. Not trying to dis the Mighty Kahuna.

I only worked a half day yesterday. So ----what to do with the rest of the afternoon. Hmmmmm How about going for a short bike ride?

So I took off on my bike and put on 30 hard hilly miles. My legs were burning so bad when I got back. Ouch. But in a good way. Yes I am masocistic. Last night my legs were hurting real bad, so I did some abdominal work anyway. Got to push myself farther you know.

This morning I debated on resting my legs instead of doing my scheduled hillwork. That debate only lasted for a few minutes. And as any good triathlete would do - I went ahead with the hill work. Why you ask? Well because it is written down on my training schedule, duh!

The workout went suprisingly well. However my legs are killing me this afternoon. I do feel alot stronger on my runs since I started biking and swimming. I like to think that everything is helping me be stronger overall and hopefully making me faster as well.

News Update!!!!!!
Just got a set of LOOK pedals - Awesome. Will have to try these out soon. OOPS. So much for resting. YIKES!!!!!
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Long Ride
September 05, 2006

What a glorious weekend. What an awesome ride. What more can I say?

Yesterday I woke up to a great day. The weather was perfect for a long ride. "Athena" was cleaned, oiled and ready to go. I got up to Colorado Springs at 8:30 in the morning. It was partly cloudy and temps were around 70's.

I rode with a friend - Arlynn. He just bought a sweet full carbon bike. Nice.

We started out heading south on Hwy 115 toward Penrose, CO about 25 miles away. The highway is well traveled by traffic but has wide shoulders that are mostly clean and gravel free. The route is very hilly. Going south the hills are steep and short but on the way back the hills are long and not as steep.

We made real good time going out, we attacked the hills hard and I pushed the last 10 miles with a hard pace to keep up with. Arlynn wasn't able to keep up with me. I just got down in my aero bars and got a rhythm going and didn't stop until I hit 25 miles. After he caught up we stopped for a break then headed back.

Going back was another story. The first part was good but I was getting tired real fast. At mile 40 I could feel a slight cramping sensation in both my quads so I stood up and stretched and it went away. About 2 miles later they came back angry. Both my quads started cramping and would not quit. I tried standing at one point and almost lost control of my bike as both legs cramped up completely. I was able to keep pedaling, but a lot slower and Arlynn just loved being able to stay in front of me with his new bike. I will get him next time. Ha.

All in all it was a great long ride. "Athena" did very well as usual - crushing the competition. I felt good after walking a while and headed home. This morning started my training routine for the Rim Rock Run. So I got out of the house early and did hillwork. Yeah. My favorite. Not.
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Plans for the future
September 01, 2006

This morning was a little confused. I forgot to set my alarm clock so I did wake up late. However, I got going right away and got down and able to finish my run as planned this morning. The days are getting cooler which really helps with outdoor exercise. It is a cool 60 degrees in Canon City this morning, no wind and mostly cloudy.

I just wanted to run this morning without feeling like I had to keep a pace or anything. I left my Garmin in the car and just went for a run. My legs are feeling real good. I felt like my pace was consistent, and I tried to lengthen my stride as I warmed up. I felt a few rain drops while running, this also felt real good. I just smiled alot and listened to my IPOD.

This morning I listened to Get Your Geek On. I am so happy for IronWil. She has done wonderfully with all her training and I know she will do well in Wisconsin. She is a very special athlete that has inspired many newbie triathletes - including me. I will be listening closely and following her progress during the race. They played thier favorite inspirational music during the show and they had real good choices to listen to. My favorite inspirational song is "Rise Up" by Disciple. Awesome tune.

I did sign up for the Rim Rock Run, as I described yesterday the Rim Rock Run is an extreme run. Going from Gate to Gate on the Colorado Monument. Here is the elevation chart for this particular race:

So as you can see this will be a great challenge. I completed my training schedule and I hope I didn't overdue the hill work. Well we will see. Also I got back some pictures from Steamboat, I will put them in here and there. Ciao

(That's me with the weeds)

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