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I started running in January of 2004 to get in shape. I had gained too much weight and felt terrible. I was able to run my first 5K 3 months later. 2 years later and 50 lbs lighter, I have continued to push for greater goals and have run 5 marathons and I am training for an Iron distance triathlon now. Everyday I wake up with a positive attitude towards life, training and my future.
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Arizona RockNRoll 2007
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Las Vegas Marathon 2005
Why do I Tri?
Should be why do I want to Tri? I want to see just how far I can push myself. With everyday I am in the best shape of my life. And I'm never going back!!!!
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Rest Day
April 28, 2006
What a great day for rest. The weather outside is cloudy and drizzling. We do need the moisture around here. It has been way too dry this year. Temperature is about 45 degrees. Toady is my rest day off of my legs. I will be going for a swim this afternoon and doing some drills. I am actually starting to really love swim days. I'm still not any good but at least I can make it 2-3 laps before resting now.
Swim days are starting to be fun. I am looking forward to getting the Endless Pool at the gym. I think that more swim time will benefit me. I need practice - that's what it comes down to. I need to drill until the motions become natural and ingrained. Unfortunately up to now I have only been able to swim 1-2 days per week. Open water swimming will add another dimension to this already stressful event. I have never been much of an open water wader, not to mention swimmer. Something about not having a bottom to stand on is a little scary. Not to mention watching too many "Jaws" movies as a child.
This weekend is another long run on Sunday of 20 miles. Probably will be going to Colorado Springs to run it. Weather should be pretty good for a long run. Highs about 64 with low humidity. This time we will hide water about every 5 miles and food at mile 10. It's almost Salt Lake City time and I'm starting to feel the excitement.
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7x440 Hills
April 27, 2006

Great workout this morning. Finally my legs are feeling great. Feeling strong. Did a 2 mile warm-up then attacked the hill. This is more that just a hill my friends. This is a steep single lane road up the side of the mountain. I'll get a picture of it on my blog one day. Skyline Drive is a local Tourist road that goes up above the city. Hill repeats are brutal on this one. Great burn in the legs. Actually here is a photo of Skyline drive in the old days.
Tomorrow is a rest day from running. I hope to get back in the pool. I talked with a master swimmer today and hopefully will be able to get some help from the group he belongs to in Colorado Springs. I really want to be able to be comfortable in the water before my first open swim. If I am going to do this triathlon stuff I need to master the swimming part as well as my fear of open water. The pool at my gym is suppose to be open in the next week hopefully so that I can put more time into practice and drills.
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Brick Building
April 26, 2006

Today is finally Wednesday, and although thats not a great thing it is all downhill from here till the weekend. Here in Colorado the weather has been absolutely perfect for training the last couple days. Temps have been low enough to not over-heat during runs but not so cold that you have to bundle up.
Yesterday i was able to get in 800 meters of swim time in the pool. I feel that my swimming is getting alot better but I still will get to the point where I get a little anxious and have to roll over and take a few breaths to relax. I would like to have some professional coaching but money is always a problem. Once the pool opens at my gym I'm hoping to find an advanced swimmer to maybe help me out some. I do have a friend that use to swim for the local high school - so she should be able to help me out also.
This morning I got in a good brick workout. Rode the bike hard for 30 minutes and then ran a 5K. Legs really felt good and I was able to push the pace to a 8:30min/mi for the last mile. I think if I can survive the swim I should be able to do faily well with the rest of the race. Tomorrow is hill work and 7 miles so I will be sore for what's left of this week
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New Shoes
April 25, 2006

OK, now how many runners out there have gone to a Running Store and felt like a kid at a toy store? Now be honest. Buying a new pair of shoes is always something to look forward to. I told you yesterday that i would look at some of the sale items first but was pretty stuck on Saucony's and Brooks. Well I did try a pair of Mizuno's on and I felt as though there was not enough room in the shoe for my foot. The saleman tried to talk me into Nike's but I have never had luck with that brand. So back to the Saucony's I went. I felt I should stay with the Grid Omni 5 series because they have always felt good, have lot's of toe room, and are stabile enough for my pronation. When I put them on my feet instantly liked them. BUT ------
Have you ever looked on the shoe wall and found a shoe that looked - FAST. yeah I know it sounds dumb but certain shoes just look fast. I'm talking about the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 6. WOW. So being like a kid in a toy store I had the salesman get me a pair to try on. So with one foot in a Saucony and one in a Brooks I walked around the store. Guess what? They both felt great. So after a lengthy decision making process ( actually just about 10 seconds ) I chose the FAST shoes. Just like a kid in a toy store. Sounds dumb but, What ever!
My run this morning in my new shoes was awesome. I forgot what a new pair of shoes should feel like. I had less leg fatigue and a little more energy in my kickback. Fast Shoes? Who knows but hey, I'll take any advantage I can get.
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42 years old
April 24, 2006
Well I survived my 42nd birthday - actually nothing really happened and I worked for 12 hours. Anyway, Sunday was my first real long run of any significance. Ran 18 miles at a slow pace. Felt really good at the beginning but the heat got to me at the end. Slowed down quite a bit. Legs are a little tired today but I was able to get in 3 miles this morning.

After yesterday's run i did feel more tenderness in my heels so I guess it's time for new shoes. I am going to head to Colorado Springs tonight and check out a new pair. i will probably stay with Saucony but might be talked into something else. I get leary of trying new brands of shoes. I could never wear Nike's. The form (last) of the shoe doesn't fit my foot right. Saucony's and Brooks have always been great. I need to add up my mileage but I think I have at least 400-450 miles since the beginning of the year and these shoes.
With the increase in mileage my weight has come down to below 170. That is about right for my race weight. That should make my Body Fat percetage around 8.5-9%. I am still feeling healthy at that weight. With the Salt Lake City marathon looming closer and closer I need to get my mindset right. That is more important. Since this is not my qualifying race for Boston I am going to just see how fast I can push myself before a bonk. This should give me an idea of how much more training I will need to do before Qualifying for Boston next year. Until tomorrow - CIAO
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April 20th
April 20, 2006

Well my workout yesterday went well. I'm still having problems with the swim but I just need to get in the water more. As soon as the gym gets the Endless Pool in place I should be able to increase to 3 x week. The bike ride was great. Definately felt the burn in my quads.
This morning I did intervals at the track. Got in 6x800 before the gym class came out fo the school and took over. Ran my intervals in about 3:35 or so. Felt good and strong today. I need to keep up on the stretching because I do feel better. My stride is opening up again.
Back to the gym class. I made some observations about our local gym class. The first one is "Lazy". 3/4 of the class made no effort at all to try hard. This could be because of the enthusiasm I noticed in the gym teacher, who leaned up against the wall and drank a cup of coffee. No wonder the kids of today are not in great physical shape. The adults that should be pushing them and creating the enthusiasm are not even trying themselves. The outdoor practice lasted maybe 20 minutes. Good health and exercise need to be a higher priority in our schools.
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Brick Day
April 19, 2006
Its a miracle !!! No wind this morning.

Today I will have time for a Brick Workout. This morning I ran 6 miles at an 8:30 pace. Felt Great. Right after noon I am heading over to the pool and will do 800 meters and then ride for 20 miles. The weather is suppose to be great today with highs in the 70's. I have been trying to stretch more and I think that is helping alot. I have been pretty lazy about stretching lately and I can feel my stride tightening up.
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The Windy City (State)
April 18, 2006

Wind, Wind, Wind. It seems that the the only constant in my training is wind. It may just be because I am running in it more that I notice it more. This Spring has been worse than any year I can remember in Colorado. Also how is it that as a runner - no matter which direction you run, the wind is blowing at you. Weird ain't it.

So anyway, I'm in a better mood today. Decided to run at the gym instead this morning. Not a real fun run but it did get me out fo the wind. 7 miles today at race pace - felt pretty good. Got to listen to "Zen and the Art of Traithlon" without the wind messing with my earbuds. Podcast have got to be the best invention for MP3 players. Listening to other athletes, runners, triathletes discuss training, nutrition, equipment and general bull - - - makes the hours go by that much faster.

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Boston Marathon Monday
April 17, 2006
How is it humanly possible for someone to run that fast. WOW! I'm having trouble getting to my qualifying time for Boston and they are done about my half way. it's nice to see 3 Americans in the top 10 for a change. Way to go!

I'm feeling better so far this week. Did a 12 miler yesterday and 4 today. My R hip flexor is a little tight - I'll work on stretching it out tonight. My stress level today is a bit high with problems at home. Hopefully - I can get things balanced. How does everyone else deal with the stress at home, combined with training for a Triathlon.

For the past 2 years I have changed my life completely around - living a healthy lifestyle, losing weight, and exercising regularly. My wife on the other hand has gone the other direction. I feel she has almost given up on life. Depression, weight gain and feeling bad all the time is the norm. I have tried to help her, I have encouraged her - to no avail. I am lost as to what else to do. I will try and have her see her doctor but she will probably refuse. She blames her ills on her past - growing up with a mother that told her she is worthless. I try and tell her the past is the past - live for the future. I just can't get through. She will not see a counselor. I am lost and I don't know how to proceed.

Stress only make training more difficult. I continue to push to get my training in but in a way I feel guilty that I am out there training and working towards a goal when my wife is drifting farther away. Has anyone else ever felt like this? Am I the only one? Why do I feel guilty? I will work throught this. Running gives me lot's of time to think, to get lost in my thoughts as the miles go by. To reason with myself and play advocate. As the miles go by, slowly, contantly, moving. Just like Life --------------
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Thank GOD it's Friday
April 14, 2006
Well yesterday afternoon was the worse day yet, I spent most of my day sitting in the bathroom. But my boss did let me leave early and after about 14 hours of sleep and 12 trips to the bathroom I feel much better today. I think I will still try to stay on a bland diet today. If I am feeling well this afternoon I may try and go for a swim - a few laps may make me feel better. Plus I get to try out my new goggles. Yeah Baby!!!!!
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Better Day
April 13, 2006
Well I got home last night and crashed. By 6pm I was already laying in bed. I could bearly lift my arms or legs by that time. After about 11 hours of sleep I awakened feeling a whole lot better. Not back up to my best but 100% better than yesterday. I had speed work this morning but opted for a 5 mile tempo run instead. And I did not push the tempo too fast. I should be able to build my strength back today and tomorrow and be back up to par by this weekend. I wonder if I am suffering from overtraining? Since I don't have a coach I have to rely on my own intuition. As much as I think about it - I still don't think that I am overtraining, instead just coming down with a bug here and there. Let's see how things go this weekend. CIAO!
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Sick Day
April 12, 2006

Some days it really doesn't pay to get out of bed. I did not sleep well last night, woke up this morning with a sour stomach. I was suppose to do a 5 mile run today but with the stomach acting up I opted for a 10 mile bike ride. Less up and down movement. Still, after a shower and Advil, I am not feeling well. I have body aches, tired and still have an upset stomach. So I guess I will take the rest of the day off and try and get home early and go to bed. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully I will feel better.
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April 10th
April 10, 2006

Feeling much better today - ran an easy 3 miler just to get the legs stretched out again. I am not feeling too bad from yesterday - maybe a little dry but not bad. Today will basically be a rest day for me. I will try and get home early so I can enjoy the weather and extra daylight with a glass of wine, a book and a Patio chair. Loving Colorado.
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Hard Sunday
I though that this weeks long run on 19 miles was going to be hard, I just did not realize how hard. The day started out great - I felt great. After my fast 5K Race on Saturday I knew I would be running a little slow on Sunday. I grabbed my running partners and took them to Colorado Springs for the run. It was absolutely beautiful. The sun was shining and it was just right for a run, about 6 miles into the run things turned quickly. The temperatures rose to above 80 and while running close to the river is usually a little cooler the humidity is a little higher. By mile 12 I did start to slow and suffer, not getting enough electrolyte replacement and with all the sweating I was doing my legs were dead. I bonked at mile 16 and spent the next 2 miles just trying to keep moving forward. Wow, what a run - I do feel that we had a hell of a workout and that our training is moving forward but next time I am going to plan ahead with a water/food stash. Lesson learned....
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Hill Work
April 06, 2006
I know that Hill Repeats are suppose to be good for me, but YUCK. Did 6x400 plus 2 mile warm up and 2 mile cool down this morning on our local steep hill called Skyline Drive. Felt pretty good but had to push hard to get them done at a decent pace. Legs are feeling good. I did find out that the person who sparked my interest in Triathlons has moved to the East Coast - I am a little bummed about that. I wish her the best of luck and hope to see her at an Ironman in the future. Tomorrow is finally a rest day and I do feel I need to take one.
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Hump Day
April 05, 2006
Today was a nice day for taking it easy on the run. My legs feel tired after last evenings bike ride but I was still able to complete 3 miles at an easy pace. Thanks to a change in schedule at the office I was able to fit in a swim at lunch. I completed about 800 meters today. Not all at once but I am able to do more laps in sequence until I have to rest. This swimming is not coming real easy. I think I am still getting in too big a hurry instead of relaxing in the water. Next time I am going to try and settle myself down and swim slower, with more thought on technique. Tomorrow morning is hill repeats, should be a nice day for it.
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April 4th
Great training day today. Ran an easy 9 miles this morning, Still feeling a little tired from my Sunday run. This evening I was able to fit in a 20 mile bike ride with lot's of hills. Really pushed hard. It sure is nice to have the extra daylight in the evening. I love Daylight Savings. Tomorrow I will get in a short run in the mornign and hit the pool at lunch.
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Monday Starts the Weekend !
April 03, 2006

Hey let's go for a positive post for the beginning of the week. This morning was an easy 3 miles to stretch out the legs. The gym that I go to is Elite Family Fitness in Canon City, CO. This is a new gym, just opened last year. I just wanted to post that the owners and manager of the gym have done an awesome job. I will soon be able to swim in an endless pool at the facility. As well as an open pool. The next phase will add on racketball courts and basketball courts. Wow, job well done. The equipment and facility is top notch. For anyone that will be visiting our city - this is a must see. This week starts the big push to the high mileage - this weekend will be a 19 mile run followed the week after with a 20. I should peak just right for the Salt Lake City Marathon.
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April 2, 2006
April 02, 2006
What a glorious day in Colorado. Except for the wind the weather is perfect for a long run. I am looking forward to having more time to train in the evenings now that Daylight Savings has arrived. Although a lot of people don't like the time change, as an athlete I think it provides for an opportunity to train more. Today was a 12 mile run, well according to Hal Higdon - the creator of my training program - today was to be run at a s-l-o-w pace. Well---- so much for that. With the wind behind me the route out to the turn around point was done a good pace. I tried to keep it down as much as I could. After the turn around - I was met by Mr. Wind. Although this ordinarily would slow me down quite a bit, Today I was feeling great. So I pushed hard through the wind and hard on the uphills and hard on the downhills all the way back. I kept repeating positive messages out loud to myself whenever I felt like backing off. Guess what - it worked. I posted one of my best times for a 12 miler even with the wind to contend with. WOW. What an awesome day !!!!!!!!!!!
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