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I started running in January of 2004 to get in shape. I had gained too much weight and felt terrible. I was able to run my first 5K 3 months later. 2 years later and 50 lbs lighter, I have continued to push for greater goals and have run 5 marathons and I am training for an Iron distance triathlon now. Everyday I wake up with a positive attitude towards life, training and my future.
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Should be why do I want to Tri? I want to see just how far I can push myself. With everyday I am in the best shape of my life. And I'm never going back!!!!
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February 28, 2007

I was back in the water this morning. It felt good to get in. I actually got there about 30 minutes earlier than usual to start getting use to having to get up earlier everyday. My next training period will require more time in the mornings for training.

I got in a new personal record of 2500 yards this morning. And yes, I do feel that I am still improving with time. My form has improved and I am not as tired after doing 200 repeats and 400 repeats. This morning there was another swimmer in the lane next to me. He swims OK but his form is poor and he wastes too much time trying to stay afloat than actually swimming. Sort of what I use to be like at the beginning.

I found myself swimming past him without any trouble at all. using more than half the number of strokes to move the same distance. It made me feel that all this training is getting somewhere.

This afternoon I am going for a short run. I need to get use to doing my swim workouts and run workouts on the same day. I can't wait to see how I feel after a few weeks of this. So far So Good. Finora così buon !
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Saddle Up!
February 27, 2007
The weather got colder as expected. Although I am not afraid to train in the elements I would rather avoid frostbite and cycle indoors.

I got in a good hour of cycling this morning while watching the, always positive, newscast. Is there any good news left to report on anymore? It use to be a person could at least watch the sports and get good news about athletes. but anymore they only cover the fights, drugs, and scandals. maybe they should cover amateur sports more - you know the sports where no-one is paid and the participants do it for fun and love of the sport. That's a lot to ask, right. What about reporting on the feel good stories around the country? Why does everything have to be gloom and doom. No wonder everyone is in a bad mood anymore. 1 hour of news and that's enough to depress anyone.

I would rather hear stories about people being successful. Rising up from poverty and making it in the world. Maybe stories about the success of exercise, smoking cessation and beating drug addiction. How about a story about a completely drug free baseball team that goes to the World Series. Ok that last one is pretty far out there. I would like to see a newscast started that only reports stories of happiness, success, and positive events. Now that would be worth watching.

I finalized my training schedule from April to August. It looks a little daunting but I know that I have the inner strength to complete it. I am working a nutrition plan for my training and for the race in August. I have a tendency to cramp up on the last miles of the run so I need to compensate for that with additional sodium intake. There is a product out there that I am looking at called the "saltstick". Has anyone tried this out? One other product I am looking to buy is the Finnis Lap Timer - if anyone has used one let me know what you think? I am keeping up my training log on Trifuel which is accessible from the links on the R side of my blog page. The season is starting to heat up - Let's Tri!

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February 25, 2007
This week I am going to continue with building my base aerobic level.

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Cycling 1 hour, moderate pace
Wednesday: Swim - Warm up 200, Drills 8x20, Free 6x100, 2x200, 4x100, Cool- 200 PM - Run - 30 minutes
Thursday: Cycling 1 hour - Time trial
Friday: Swim - Warm up 200, Drills 8x20, Free 2x100, 2x200, 2x400, 2x100, Cool 200, PM - Run 30 minutes
Saturday: Cycling 1 hour 15 minutes
Sunday: Run 40 minutes

I am still working on my nutritional plan and hope to have it finalized by the end of the week.
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Inside Riding Again
Well the weather changed again. Got colder today with a stiff wind and the chance of snow. the Interstate to Kansas has been shut down again due to blizzard conditions. Hopefully the near future holds more sunshine and warm weather for training.

I finished up my training plan for the Timberman in August. It is quite intimidating. I am setting up this blog with a link on the right hand side that will bring up my training log on Trifuel. Anyone wanting to see what I am doing can link over there and check out my mileage. I will also start posting my weekly schedule of training on Sundays. Now everyone can see what I will be doing for the next week and compare that with what I actually did. It will also help to keep me accountable for the training that I should be doing.

Today I did not have too much time for training, however, I did get in 50 minutes of cycling on my trainer. I kept it at a moderate pace, and tried to keep my pedal stroke very balanced. I tweaked my bike again on Friday and the changes feel pretty good after today's ride. After the bike I hit up my Abs for about 100 reps. I need to get more stretching in - I am finding that I am pretty stiff when I am in the aero position for a long time. Tomorrow I am going to get in a 3 mile run after I get some sleep from working a graveyard shift at the hospital. Now I need to get going - CIAO!!!!
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Long Winter Ride
February 19, 2007
Winter Ride?

Yes, it is winter in Colorado still, but today was an awesome day. the temperature rose to 60 degrees and the wind stayed calm for the most part.

I took my new bike, "Apollo" for a long ride. I felt I should get the feeling for how he handles with the new equipment on him. I was able to wear shorts and a short sleeve jersey instead of having to bundle up like I'm making a snowman. GOD, it felt good to get out again on the road and enjoy myself.

I got out on the road and headed East towards Pueblo along Hwy 50. the slight breeze blowing was at my back. the bike handled great from the start and I am feeling very comfortable in the aero bars. the plan was to go out about 20 miles and then turn back on the same route. the trip out was great - my average speed was up to 22mph all the way out, including the hills. I feel a lot faster on this bike. Getting out to the 20 mile mark I stopped and fueled with a gel and then started back.

The route back was a little more difficult with the slight breeze blowing at me. The hills on the way back are not that much steeper, but my legs were a lot more tired. Since last fall, I have not gone more than 1 hour in cycling. the wind got worse as I got closer to town, but I tried to keep up the speed. About 5 miles out of town I noticed that my crankshaft shifter was slipping. I was unable to keep the chain in the big chain ring. So I pulled over and got the cable clamped down better. Good to keep tools on your bike. I finished the last 5 miles in good fashion and sat down for a drink and a bite to eat.

Tonight, I am working graveyard shift at the hospital. My legs feel pretty good so far but I am real tired and having problems keeping my eyes open. Tomorrow I will get in a good 30-40 minute run.

I have been working on my training plan for Timberman 70.3 and after looking at the whole picture I find myself nervous. The plan is so intimidating that I am actually scared to start. I made a promise to myself that I would not just train so that I could bearly finish, but that I want to train and actually compete for a change. This will be the greatest endeavor of my life up to now. Hopefully, it will prepare me for next year's Ironman training program. There is no doubt about it, I will be the strongest, fittest person I Have ever been by the time Timberman get's here. HoooYaaa!
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Disappointed :-(
February 14, 2007
Well I am a little depressed this morning.

The awesome Abs/Gluts class was cancelled last night.

Get over it, right!

I did get in 50 minutes this morning on the trainer. The weather outside was not conducive to riding outdoors. Windchill below zero and snow on the ground. I can just imaging the depression I would be in if I lived in northern New York. 11 feet of snow - are you kidding me. There will not be any outdoors bike riding until mid summer up there.

The Trainer was less than exciting as usual. I tried to get motivated to push myself hard but that was just a moment of motivation. I struggled to stay on it as long as I did. I have got to get outside more. I see improving weather for the weekend - I hope to ride Saturday or Sunday.

Tomorrow I'll get in the gym and do my run. Unless the weather is improving overnight. I would rather run outside and get my hillwork done.

I have to find a new first Triathlon for this spring - the Commerce City Spring Sprint is cancelled for this year. Every spring Tri I have found has been cancelled so far. What's up with that. So this afternoon I will sit down and start doing searches for another triathlon to make my first for this year. I have to get out there and race to get the spirit started. For now, I'll just keep Tri'ing
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February 13, 2007
Good Morning Tri World.....

I hope that all is well in the Triathlon World and that everyone is training hard.

This morning I was back in the pool. I left the house early and got in the water right away. I really wanted to have a hard workout this morning and push myself further. What happened really suprised me.
Have you ever had a workout, swim, bike or run that felt like everything just was perfect. Like you finally wanted to say - hey, I got this. That is what I had this morning.

I started out my workout with a 200 yard warm up, I used mixed stroke for my warm up along with some dolphin kicking and sculling. Once warmed up I got right to work with 4 x 100 yd freestyle stroke at a moderate speed, bilateral breathing and 30 sec rest periods. These felt hard but I wasn't as tired as I usually was after doing 400. I did concentrate on good form, good recovery and body roll. after a 2 minute rest I got started on my hard set - 4 x 200 yd freestyle with 1 minute rest periods. Although real hard I did not feel wasted.

I worked on drills for another 140 yds. I am working on my roll more and keeping one hand outstretched more during my breathing. Using zipperskate and underskate drills helps. After doing the drills I got started on my next set of 5x100 yd freestyle with 30 sec rest periods. I still felt amazingly fresh after the sets were done. I finished with 100 yards of sculling and 200 yards of cool down using mixed stroke. Although a little tired right now, I am feeling great.

I have to timed my 100's yet. I would like to purchase the new Finis Lap Clock - but at $60.00 it is out of my budget currently. I will try and find someone to time me later this week. I am interested at what my time is. I so know that the other side of the pool comes up a lot quicker than it use to.

The weather has taken a turn for the worse for the rest of the week. Temps are down and snow is already flying. Good news - the weekend is looking prime for a bike ride on Saturday or Sunday. I would like to get a good 40 - 50 miles in this weekend if the weather holds. Tonight I am attending a new ABS/GLUTS class at the gym that I heard was killer. I'll let you know tomorrow. Until then remember:
Nobody Who Ever Gave His Best Regretted It
Nessuno che mai ha dato suo l'è rammaricato meglio

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Great Weekend - Sort Of
February 12, 2007

Well here we go again - Monday. It always seems like Mondays come a lot quicker and often then they should.

First of all let's talk about training for this weekend. It was a pretty good weekend. On Saturday I ran in the Winter Series III race up in Colorado Springs. The race is usually challenging with wind and cold but this time the weather wasn't the problem. The trail was covered with snow in large sections and there was a lot of slipping and sliding. The race was a 5 miler. It runs from the Baptist Road trail head north 2.5 miles and then back. The temperature was about 45 degrees at the start and shortly after starting I realized I was way over dressed. After the first mile I was having side stitches from being too hot. I stopped at the turn around and took off my long sleeve shirt. Finally cooling down my speed was a heck of a lot faster on the way back. Even with the slowing from the snow I made it back in about 48:00. I am not much of a trail runner anyway - I tend to prefer roads.

Yesterday was a great day here in Canon City - the weather was awesome. Temperatures were in the high 50's. I decided to take my race bike "Apollo" out for a ride. This was the first time I have been on this bike since last year and the first time since changing the bars, brakes, seat. I am here to tell you that, Apollo is going to be a wickedly fast bike. I could not believe the difference in speed and climbing ability while on this bike. I need to get some new pictures of it and get them posted. Anyone that can remember the pictures I took after first buying it will see a big difference.

On a funnier note - I have a new dog at home. Purchased from the Pound - she is a 7 month old Springer Spaniel by the name of Maggie. I though that my other dog Rex needed a friend to play with while I am out of the house. Rex has been alone for a few months after the passing of my old dog Wilbur. I guess I forgot what it was like to have a new 7 month old dog in the house. And although she has had some training, and is housebroken. She is not leave at home trained - did you know that pillows contain roughly a kitchen's worth of foam in them. As well as shoes, stuffed animals and anything else that is available to chew on. Last night after getting home from my ride I started laughing, The house looked like a burglar had gone through and ransacked my house. I probably could have called the police and claimed it as a house invasion. Oh well, all in good time - Tonight I am picking up a crate for her. Her former owners did crate her at night so she is happy with that. Life goes on! Never Quit......

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Awesome Swim Day
February 06, 2007
Back in the water this morning with new enthusiasm. Why? Heck I don't know. maybe it is because the weather has improved drastically and I can start working out outdoors again. Last night after work, instead of going home and slumming on the couch, I went for a 4 mile run. Nothing like a great run to make you feel better.

Anyway, this morning I awakened late. I don't even remember hitting the snooze button but I must have done it at least twice. So I got up, made coffee and headed to the gym. There is an advantage to packing your bag the night before. Once in the pool I felt even better. My new kick-ass goggles feel great. I bought the TYR Socket Rocket Goggles and I love them.

I got the "Fire" ones and they rock.

I warmed up with 200 yards, then moved on to 4x100 yard intervals with a 30 sec rest. I really dug hard on these and pushed my pace as fast as I could without giving up form. I hate trying to increase my stroke speed only to find out I am swimming slower. Nothing like swimming in 7-up. Too much turbulence. I then did 4x200 yard intervals at a slower pace and with 45 sec recoveries. I rested and got in about 300 yards of form drills and kick drills. I finished with about 300 yards of cool down. After finishing up I could really feel that I got in a good workout. Right now my arms and legs are killing me.

Tomorrow I am going to bring my training bike down and try and get a ride in the morning. The temps may be pretty cold but I am going to dress for the occasion. I just have to get out on the road again. the trainer is driving me crazy. I want to do my hill climb up 8 mile but if it is too cold I may head out of town on the highway toward Penrose instead. One way or the other I am going to ride outside in the morning. today would have been better but I did not want to mess with my schedule. Till tomorrow, CIAO, ci vediamo!
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February 05, 2007
Well the weather has once again given us a spin in Colorado. On Friday morning my thermometer registered a bone chilling -22 degrees. It was a great day for an indoor swim, but it was hell getting there with the snow and cold temps. Above is a picture of the gals swimming during the class on Friday. I feel that they are improving dramatically since the first day. There are some issues with breathing and stoke that will be worked out with drills, but I am confident they will be ready for the first Triathlon in April.

My workouts have been going well. I am trying to push the pace a little more each workout. I did more tune up work on my Tri bike over the weekend and switched it onto the trainer so that I can get use to it before getting it on the road. My training bike needs a good wash and maintenance day before it is ready for the road. I hope to have that done tomorrow because guess what.


Today the temps are in the mid 60's. Snow is melting like it was on a stove. The road are drying up and the mornings will not be that cold over the next few days. I hope to get out on my bike Wednesday morning and get in a nice 60 minute ride. It is so freaking awesome to live in Colorado. I know this will not last long but I plan on taking advantage of it until spring arrives.

Tomorrow I will be back in the pool. I need to get down to basics and start cranking out some big yardage. I plan on nothing short of 2000 yards tomorrow. I really need to get the swimming up to speed with running and cycling. It's time to get down to business..

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