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I started running in January of 2004 to get in shape. I had gained too much weight and felt terrible. I was able to run my first 5K 3 months later. 2 years later and 50 lbs lighter, I have continued to push for greater goals and have run 5 marathons and I am training for an Iron distance triathlon now. Everyday I wake up with a positive attitude towards life, training and my future.
Marathons Completed
Arizona RockNRoll 2007
Salt Lake City Marathon 2006
Steamboat Marathon 2005
Boulder Backroads 2005
Las Vegas Marathon 2005
Why do I Tri?
Should be why do I want to Tri? I want to see just how far I can push myself. With everyday I am in the best shape of my life. And I'm never going back!!!!
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Timberman Race Report - Part 2
August 23, 2007
T1 to Bike

After having my wetsuit stripped of at Mach 1 I headed into transition. I was able to find my bike right away, my bright orange towels worked again. I grabbed a gel and sucked that down, then threw on my helmet and snapped it right away. No need for disqualification today. I kinda took my time in T1 compared to how I usually go through during a sprint tri. I wanted to ensure I had comfort for 56 miles and that I had my nutrition ready. I found that I forgot my gloves, not a big deal. I got on my shoes and grabbed the bike and headed out to the mounting line. I had my bike in an easy gear to start and mounted without problems. With the cheers of the crowd along the bike exit I headed out onto the course.

Right after leaving the park we make a right hand turn onto the highway and there is the first hill up. I felt real good after the swim and so I stood up in the pedals and stretched while powering up the hill. After cresting the hill it was a long sweeping turn that I pedaled in my large chainring and rested into my aero bars. I was a little worried about the upcoming hills and if my training had been enough. So with my mind racing ahead of my body I settled in for a long ride.

At the 5 mile mark we took a left turn onto Route 107, the hills lay looming ahead. The first set came up quickly, I stayed in my aeros and lowered my gearing to maintain 90 rpm and easily pushed up to the top. Back down the other side I stayed aero and pushed the pace, passing other riders along the way I found myself really being careful not to draft along the way. The officials on motorcycles seemed to be everywhere. At the bottom of the hill we turned towards Route 106 and the next test of my hill climbing abilities. The next set of hills included the "Monster" a 1 mile climb to the 13 mile mark. Most of the riders settled into a high gear and kept spinning, the pack grew ahead of me and slowed. I stayed behind them as best I could to avoid drafting but shit, you can only go so slow. So I lowered my gearing and stood in my pedals and pushed. I drove the course on the prior days and knew that if I could top this hill the next 13 miles were downhill to flat, I should have recovery time. So I cranked up the hill passing rider after rider. My legs felt strong, my lungs were not aching. Plenty of oxygen at sea level. After a short time I crested the hill, turned the corner and pushed. Downhill, yes, love it.

The next 13 miles or so were along Route 106, Nice smooth breakdown lane - just like in Colorado. Slightly downhill to flat, I was able to catch a great rhythm and stayed aero till the turn around. This may sound corny but I felt so comfortable I actually started whistling. I maintained a steady 90 rpm and kept up the pace. I probably could have done better with my nutrition, I took only 4 gels with me. I should have lined my top tube with gels and taken one every 30 minutes.

The turn around was uneventful and I grabbed a couple of bottles of Gatorade from the volunteers and refilled my aero-bottle. The next 13 miles would be a challenge. Slightly uphill to flat. Yeah !!!! I found myself pushing pretty hard, still feeling fresh. I stopped to relieve myself on the crest of a hill, then pushed on. Ahead I saw a car lot that I picked out to remind me where I was and the final game started.

Once I saw the car lot I knew what was coming up. On the other side of the hill the car lot was on was a steep downhill followed by a sharp right hand turn that let to an immediate steep uphill for about 2 miles. So, knowing that, I pushed up to the crest and headed down with all the power I could muster. I was passing other riders like crazy, before reaching the bottom I moved my gearing for a steep climb, came around the corner at the bottom, stood on my pedals and started cranking up the hill. I pushed until my legs started to cramp, then settled down until the cramping stopped, then stood again and cranked to the top. The next 5 miles are a blur, probably because I headed down the "monster" hill at 45 miles per hour. Look Mom - no brakes!!! I guess flying down 8-mile back home helped after all. Riders around me we using brakes so much the air smelled of burning rubber. Not me - what the hell these are free miles...

Once down the hill, after taking a few turns and back onto the highway I settled into a spinning gear at 95 rpm and tried to rest my legs as much as possible before transition. My legs felt tired but not too bad. Once back in the park the cheers of the ever increasing crowd was awesome. I dismounted without difficulty, shot my family a smile and headed into transition...........

Next up the run......

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Timberman 70.3 Race Report
August 22, 2007

Well Hello Everyone. I am sorry my race report was not done sooner but I had to get back to Colorado to get some pictures finished and race results. Plus it is easier to type at my own computer.

The 2007 Timberman Triathlon 70.3 was held on August 19th, 2007.

I awakened after what seemed like 15 minutes of sleep the night before. I felt surprisingly calm for the morning of my big race. I got in a shower and changed into my tri-suit. It felt cold outside and I threw on a long sleeve shirt over the top. The day before I packed everything up in my transition bag and had my food and supplements lined up on the counter. First thing before leaving was to get to the bathroom, then I downed an Imodium and headed out the door. I ate a small meal of bagels and yogurt for breakfast and had my coffee. On the way to the race area I drank a Muscle Milk to get in some needed protein and calories for the day ahead of me.

After getting to the race area, I entered the transition area. Since I dropped off my bike there had been a few additions - like about 1800 more bikes. Wow what a site to see. I was amazed at every ones choices in bikes. Some real expensive bike and some cheaper. Almost everyone I met looked a little nervous in some way. I made it to my bike and got my transition area set up. I was not worried about my transition time since this was going to be a 6 hour ordeal anyway. What's another minute or two. I ate again an got my wetsuit on. This time I used Pam instead of baby oil. There was going to be a wetsuit stripping station but just in case I wanted to be able to get it off if needed. I headed to the water.

Once down to the beach I walked out into the water and it felt great. Not too cold. I thought the swim was going to make me real nervous and anxious but after looking out at the buoys I thought to myself - Wow, that's not so bad.... I felt relieved, possibly because I had trained so hard and that I have done the mileage before. While out in the water I had the pleasure of meeting Dick and Richard Hoyt. Just seeing them there was an inspiration in itself. If he can finish this race with his son, damn if I'm going to drop out.

The swim started a little late because of a misplaced buoy. Our wave started out on the swim and the water felt good. Even though our wave was the biggest age group, the swim was very calm. There was not a lot of kicking and hitting. I touched a few feet along the way and felt mine touched from behind a few times. When I would swim into someone else it seemed that everyone just turned a little and moved over. My rhythm felt good and I fell into a good stroke/breathing pace. I sighted about every 20 strokes. Up to the first turn everything went well, I stayed in a semi straight line and had no problems getting around the buoy. The back side was a little harder since the sun was in my eyes to sight and I wandered off to the left. When I went to site again I was near a kayak and he told me to head to the right - thank you whoever you are. As I got closer to the 2nd buoy I finally sighted it and headed out with a purpose. I rounded the 2nd buoy and looked up to sight and there was the swim finish in the distance. What a sight! And amazingly I felt great! Several minutes later and I was crawling out of the water and running. I was running - wow. I felt like a million bucks. I passed by my family and kept on moving. Up to the wetsuit strippers - I never knew my wetsuit could come off so quickly. Geez. Before I could count to 3 my suit was off and thrown back at me. Into transition - it's time to ride. Swim Time: 1.2 mile, 42:23, 125/185 Men 40-44

Next up the bike ride .................................

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Thursday and Friday
August 17, 2007

Off we go to the lake. The drive was only an hour or so away. Here in New Hampshire, things are a lot closer than in Colorado. It doesn’t take long to get from one are to the other. The ride was great. I had Apollo in the back of my brother’s pickup. Everything transported well. We got up there quickly and the traffic was not bad. As we passed by the lake I started getting more anxiety – The lake is huge. Looks like an ocean compared to the lakes I have been in before. Breath – breath – breath………

We got to the condo. WOW – what a nice condo – shit I could live in a place like this. Decorating is impeccable. Awesome. I really feel comfortable here. We unloaded and got settled. I like this area. We are only 400 yards from the lake. I can see the lake from my bedroom. AWESOME.

We headed out to Elacoya State Park – the race start. They were still working on the transition area but I was able to find my number and area. The lake is warm and calm. I am feeling a little better about the swim. Still nervous. Tomorrow we are going to drive the bike course. My nerves are still on edge. I need to get some sleep. Life is too short for anxiety. Life is too short to waste, my mind is mush. Too much to thinks about…….


Up early and down to the lake with my brother and his Kayak. I got in my wetsuit this morning for a nice easy swim. The water felt good, warm. calming, no anxiety. I just wanted a small warm up swim. But ended up swimming across the lake to an island, I think the distance to the island was about 1000 yards. I got there without problem, I took a break with my brother at the island and then swam back to the dock. I felt good in the water – I got a rhythm and kept it up. I tried to relax, calm, breathing in – breathing out. Slow at times and fast at times. Changing up the stroke rhythm. After it was done I felt confident again. Hey – maybe I can do this……
We headed out on the bike route by 10am. 56 miles. How hard could it be? Well let me tell you this is not an easy bike route. For the first 13 or so miles it is uphill, rolling hills. Then it is somewhat downhill for the next 13 miles till the turn around. Then back up with some pretty wicked uphill stretches. Even training in Colorado is not going to make this much easier. After I finally get up the big hill on the way back I can finally relax a little before my run. My anxiety is back up again. How will the ride go – shit….. I wish I could relax. I think about my team back home – I hope they are training hard. I wish they
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After a great nights, I awakened this morning with a positive attitude and love for family, life and, tri’s. I worked till 11pm last night on a wobbling back tire. I had to true the back tire of my bike. Now everything seems to be OK. I adjusted the seat height and got everything ready. This morning I headed out on the bike. The roads out here are in great shape compared to Colorado. I was amazed at how smooth my ride was. Apollo worked great. No problems with gears, tires, or adjustments. I do need to adjust the handlebar a little up but otherwise no problems. Tomorrow we head out to the Lake Region. I’m getting anxious. Today I am going out with my sister – shopping. My second favorite thing to do. I figure on buying a few new clothes and sandals. As well as a few souvenirs for friends.

My brother, as usual is trying to set me up on a blind date. I really don’t have time for that but hey what the hell. Blind dates have not been a favorite for me in the past. And I’m not even divorced yet. Shit – what to do. Probably will pass on anything at this point.
Today I am not feeling really great. I feel real flat but I need to continue with my training program. Tapering has never been a fun part of my training at this point but I do realize that it needs to be done. My legs feel flat, my lungs feel good. There is no pain in my joints. I am relaxing a lot, it feels good to kick back after the last 22 weeks of work.
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The flight was awesome. No problems. I got in late to New Hampshire. I got to meet a wonderful woman on the flight from Colorado to Chicago. Her name was Tina and she lived in Chicago. Single mom and visiting Colorado where her brother lives. She plans on moving to Colorado in a few months. It was nice to be able to laugh with someone on the plane. Most of the time you end up just sitting there without talking for 3 or 4 hours. How boring. Now I am done and at my sisters for the night. Time for sleep – I am tired. See you tomorrow….
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Sleep eluded me last night, barking, howling dogs and other noises disturbed my nights sleep. Plus the thoughts of upcoming events worked against me. It was hard to relax. You end up thinking of everything. Did I pack everything? What if I forget something? Will the flight be good – will my baggage be lost?

I was packed by 8pm, re-checked my baggage and rechecked it probably 5 times. This morning I got in a quick 2 miles run – felt good to get back on the road. Helped to clear the head some. Running seems to always put things in perspective.

I have a lot to think about this trip. Not only the coming race but decisions that need to be made about my life and relationship. Separation or divorce is never easy for anyone. But it is harder when you spouse is co-dependant, unable to be independent and never has. This was a bad time for working on this, with the pressure of race week and everything. I would rather just think about racing. However, I must think about my future as well as the present. I cannot see myself living a stagnant, depressed life anymore. Running, marathons, triathlons and training has opened up my world to what my life can be. They say that the “Grass is not greener on the other side of the fence”, but I am here to say that yes it is. Sure, there are problems but they are new problems. Problems that lead to a better life in the long run. Decisions, decisions, and decisions……….
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A week of Memories
August 03, 2007

Hey, how is everyone?

What a week it has been - it had all the action, drama, and stunts of a major motion picture.

Today is the 3rd of august which means I have a little over 14 days left till Timberman.

Not that I am nervous or anything - look my hands are not even shakkkkkkkking.

This week has been great for training. There has been a lot of excitement, adventure and pure adrenaline rush moments.

Tuesday was schedule for cycling - although my race bike was already packed up and ready to send off to New Hampshire, I still have my training bike to fall back on. Together we got in a good hill ride going up 8 mile hill and following that with a trip over the steep Skyline Ridge. Everything is feeling fine so far. Maybe a little tired in the legs but no pain.

Wednesday started out uneventful. I got in a 9 mile run. I purposely kept the pace slow and steady. Averaging about 9:30 min/mi. I just wanted to try slowing it down to the pace I will be using for Timberman. I would like to maintain just under a 9:30 so that I can finish strong and run the whole distance. I discovered I really need to increase my electrolyte intake prior to the run at Timberman to ward off the leg cramps.

What started out as an uneventful day turned into the adventure of a lifetime. I left Wednesday night from work and joined the team for an open water swim at Pueblo Reservoir. Laurie had found a real nice cove with no traffic for the swim. We all got in the water and from out by the buoy we headed into the cove - about 750-800 yards approximated. Everyone had a great swim into the cove and made the distance without problem.

On the way back out of the cove things got a little more exciting. The water was calm up until you got by the point of the cove. Then all hell broke loose. Little to my knowledge but there was a storm coming in fast. At the point I got past the point the waves were about 6 inches to 1 foot in size and the current was stronger. I pushed harder and pulled myself up over the swells and down the other sides. I still felt amazingly calm and fresh. I got out to the buoy and waited for the others. The other team members were having a little more problem getting out to the buoy, mainly because the swells were rising higher.

Everyone got back on the boat and we headed towards the dock. We were towing one of the Wave Runners behind us so we were not going in too fast. Looking back at the storm coming in we decided to untie the Wave Runner and have Laurie ride it into the dock. But she accidentally knocked off the safety key into the water and it floated away before we could grab it. So the boat took off looking for the key in the now 2 ft swells. I was in the water and had the Wave Runner untied and then I said screw it and started swimming in the general direction of the key.

Swimming in those conditions was an entirely new experience - what a rush. My adrenaline level was huge. I was pulling harder than ever. Trying to keep my body as rigid as possible. Slicing through the waves. The key was found and I swam over and grabbed it. Once everyone was good and in the boat and the WaveRunner was started we headed into the dock area. by the time we got there the storm hit with it's full furry and after all was over we we all just as wet as if we would have been in the water. In summary - I loved every minute of it..........:-)

Today I got in a good run and I think I will take the afternoon off before heading to work. This has been a great week of training and next week I start packing for my trip. Until then - CIAO
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18 days left
August 01, 2007
Yes, I'll admit it. I am freaking out........

I know I have been training now for 18 weeks, I've put in the time and effort. Physically I am ready for my 1/2 Ironman. Mentally I am mush......

I am looking so forward to leaving for New Hampshire though. Seeing my family again means more than the race itself.

Sunday's long ride was great except for the 2 flats. The roadway has become hazardous since the recent rains and then the mowing along the highway. Seems like there is more debris on the road. I felt great for the whole 3 hours and the pace stayed around 21.3 mph. I did a 3 mile run afterwards, that felt OK except for the heat of the day. I did start to cramp at the end of the run - I need to increase my nutrition at the end of the bike and take in a few gels on the run. I think that will solve the problem.

My swim on Monday was un-eventful. Tonight I am going out with the team to Pueblo Reservior for open water swimming. I am looking forward to that. The water should be real good.

Yesterday I shipped my bike - "Apollo" to New Hampshire. FedEx will get it there by Saturday. Shipping was easier than I thought it would be. I kinda felt like a Dad with his kid leaving for the first time......weird......

I hope to blog up until the race - I will try at least. I will be keeping a journal of my trip and adventures. For now though - back to work.....
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